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    Need little information

    Hello, Someone can screenshot Monaco's team and his reserv plz? And if you can look if you saw a man with clause Monaco is french ligue 1 I ask this because i'm bored that SI trolls Monaco each year with lot of miss player or with forbiden clause at Bernado Silva/Moutinho I wait know this for...
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    Tactic Testing

    Hello I'm here for test your tactics I play only the first season I create a game with As Monaco Fc without transfer budget I put all friendly match then i save Like this i have exactly same season for all tactics (except champion's league groupstage) Monaco was 2nd ligue 1 french last year...
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    Tactic Testing with ASM FC (Test your Tactics Here)

    Hello, Give me your tactic that you need i test here My test is ALWAYS the same start : I create a game with Lfc udapte, start june 13, 0transfer (except Odegaard 15yo <3), just first season After create friendly match, and other little setup, i save the game. With this save, i test your...