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    Dug Out To The Dugout

    Introduction Hey guys, so I decided to start my story a little earlier this year. After enjoying my last manager story in FM15 with Matteo and RB Leipzig, I was disappointed that I had lost my files and had to end it prematurely. So now I hope to get to get right back into it in FM16. Every...
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    A Walk In My Boots - A B.a.P Story

    I took a sip of my drink and looked through the window, beyond the lit modern day architecture but out at the world. Thinking about how things change so quickly and how life likes to leaving you wondering - What if? “What if I didn’t get into that car that night Cesare?” I mumbled, almost...
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    Locke, Stock & Two Smoking Bulls.

    Introduction: Hello everyone, just a short introduction. I'm Meehar and this will actually be my second story on here. I didn't get to finish the first some years ago as my laptop at the time crashed. Ironically, when I first had the idea to make this one, some months ago, my laptop crashed...
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    From the ash: We still burn Red!: A Sunderland Story

    Prelude It’s as if it were yesterday. I moved from promising youth sensation to a bar brawling waste of life; at least that’s what I last heard from the very man that caused this to happen to me. My father. I can remember the headlines and stories that were published and broadcasted...