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    Trouble Keeping Clean Sheets

    So far I'm having a decent season with Inverness, but have only managed to keep 3 clean sheets in 16 games. Even in games we dominate we seem to concede at least 1 goal. Quite often go 2-0 up and concede 1 straight away. Anyone else had a problem with this?
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    Cancel Pre-Order?

    I pre-ordered FM2015 via steam in order to get access to the beta, however I must admit I'm not enjoying it too much, can't put my finger on why not. Is there a way to cancel the pre-order before the release date?
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    Laptop crashes during a match! HELP!

    Bought FM14 through Steam earlier today and every time I go into a match I get to around half-time then my laptop just shuts down with no error message. Wondering if anyone knows how to fix this or would there be any chance I could get a refund through steam and just forget about FM this year... :(