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    New Update Request

    hey, im out of the country these days hence my lack of posting recently, due to this i cant get hold of the new fm for a while and refuse to download. although i do have my old trusty fm2009 here so i am looking for the most recent / trustworthy update if anyone knows where i can get one...
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    king of the hill

    ive only recently got in to this show which led me to plough through about 6 seasons in a month i absolutely love it its one of my fave all time shows, its so funny - id say its easily funnier than the simpsons i know we have a few fans here thought it would be good to get all our fave eps...
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    Site Not Working?

    is it just me having problems getting on here over the last few days?
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    Ex-Players Scoring Past You?

    is it just me or does any player you sell that makes a return score past you irregardless of position, form, fitness or anything no matter who i sell whether it be a right back , CB or striker if they play against me the 100% score past me , even if its just a consolation goal in the 94th...
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    The Sales

    well everywhere seems to have a sale on these days anyone come across any bargains? im looking for a new HD TV and some new dvds post any good deals here
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    winrar help

    on my old pc i had it set so after i unrared some files they automatically were deleted if the extraction was complete. i now have a new pc and i dont know how to get this setting back , ive looked around the options and cant seem to find it does anyone know how to do it?8-|
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    House Season 1-3 DVD Boxset

    only 24.99 i know we got a few house fans, seems pretty cheap to me
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    Recent Date Updates

    anyone know of any good data updates that are regular? i did use fmweegie which was good as i like to be as up to date as poss if im starting a new game, i fancy starting a new game now and there has just been a fmweegie update but i cant download it as its megaupload and that doesnt work when...
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    Stats entertainment! here is a round up of the season stat wise, for the premiership - i think it makes for some good reading, let me know what you think. Wayne Rooney? Michael Owen? Jermain Defoe? Dean Ashton? Pah, if Fabio Capello...
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    Radiohead bbc have some radiohead day on tuesday for all that dont know and want to!
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    why am i so **** at fmlive?

    right well ive been on it most of today, got a pretty poor team and pulled in some average loans n that. imported some winning tactics from fm2008 and they worked and i won my first two games but i think i must have been playing rubbish opposition cos its not worked since! might start again now...
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    Erin Pavlina

    just got a private message from this Erin Pavlina saying: Hey there Sorry for PMing out of the blue. Here's the thing. I wrote a book with a friend of mine. My husband keeps saying it sucks. I think he's just jealous tho. He spends a lot of time on these boards, so I told him I'm going to...
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    facepacks, skins etc

    any decent releases of any of these anywhere? anyone got anything thats worth downloading? cheers
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    Application Error

    recently my game keeps closing itself for no reason and i get a little pop up telling me a serious error has occured and an error file has been created in the crash dump folder. i uninstalled and reinstalled which took me ages! i have the latest patch , i have recently put the fmformation...
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    January Transfer Window Update?

    is there a transfer update about all nice and up to date anywhere or are people just waiting for the with data patch or what?:bigeyes:
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    installsheild wizard help needed!

    for some reason i can not install the new fm!!! , the game auto-runs when i insert the disk and then says: installsheild wizard could not utilize start class: com.installsheild.wizard. Wizard i try going on this site but it just says "done" and nothing loads in both IE and firefox , why would...
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    I Just Had to Tell You About My Game

    nobody probably cares but i thought id tell you all about the game im doing as im "jolly proud" of the way its gone i decided to be carlisle in league two , they have a decent league two squad and i got promoted with little fuss in my 1st season 2nd season in league one i brought in pericard...
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    Who Thinks Sideways? :P

    heres a little quiz for you all , this picture (pretty much everything in it) resembles a football club from england (prem and champ only as far as i can see) each item will resemble a clubs name or nickname - see howmany of them you can get - theres 42 i think i shall post the answers to it in...
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    very annoying

    how annoying is it when there is several bids on a player and yuo accpet one but a different bud remains on the player and he forever has a bid thing next to his name and on his transfer thing it shows his bid when there clearly isnt one! anyone else get this - is there a way round it? just me?
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    ian brown on carling music thing

    anyone see his interview with steve jones? im a fan of steve jones and ian brown but i though ib came across as a right ***** and thought he was class when steve was tryin to hav a bit of a joke then refused to be filmed on his set what an arrogant *** he looked