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    Genie Scout - weird ratings

    Hello lads! Im one of those people who uses Genie Scout and ever since the new update ive noticed that the "Best Rating %" and the "Best Pot Rating %" has changed quite dramatically for a lot of players. Has anyone else noticed this? A player like Pontus Jansson, who used to have 77% rating...
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    Griezmann or Icardi for Real

    Just finished season 17/18 with Real Madrid and decided to sell Benzema due to him being just garbage. Im using a 442 as follows: Morata Ronaldo Asensio Casemiro Kroos James Marcelo Ramos Varane Azpilicueta Although, now I need to replace Benz. The striker role im using is a DLF. I tried...
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    Catenaccio tactic?

    I love the way the Italian team is playing right now in the WC, organized but great passing display and then theres that occasional change of tempo in attack and they score. Be-a-ut-i-f-ul. I just read a great Catenaccio tread on another forum (Thedugout) but unfortunatley that tread was just...
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    Creating the best newgen/regen nation/club

    Hello everyone! The best thing in FM is moulding a talent into a topplayer. My goal right now is to get that golden generation from one single club ie Scholes/Giggs-gen. Ive been messing around in the Editor for some while now and i was hoping you lot would help me out listing the things that...
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    This might be an odd request...

    But im not looking for a great tactic (thats what Raikans exploit-tactic is for, btw simply amazing), im looking for a realistic tactic for a mid-table team i.e Fulham or Stoke. I tried using Raikans but during my first season with Fulham I won the ****** league! Now, thats great and all but...