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    Spain B Teams

    Hey; I would be grateful for some advice if someone could help?, i have never rly managed in Spain, but have started a Valencia save, i cant get my head round the B team, i am used to Ajax/Jong Ajax, but the Spain B teams dont seem to follow that method? some questions: 1) Why cant i see the...
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    Half Backs

    Hey I know in previous FMs there were issues with how the half back role worked (or didn't work properly) Has anyone noticed if the half back role works correctly in fm18? I think the issue used to be not with the half back itself, but with the fact the other defenders didn't position...
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    Ajax Assassin - 4-1-2-3 (4-3-3)

    Ajax Assassin's - Strikerless. This is my first tactic uploaded, so pls go easy on me ;) I have taken inspiration from a couple of tactics to formulate my own version (big shout out to TFF and others, who's tactics i have based my own off), i have always loved strikerless tactics, and have had...