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    His there an eveyones **** database please?

    Seen some where everyone great. But I'd be interested to see how the world evolves if there's a database where no-one has PA above 100 or whatever. Jsut to see if incompetency leads to 0-0 games from **** striking or 8-7 wi ns from appalling keeping. <) Please post if uou know of any.
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    All Around the World Achievement.

    I've qualified for 2 world cups now As England, and not been credited with it on steam. IS there a bug? Something I should know?
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    Why is my assistant manager so much better than me?

    Basically I'm a title challenging Leeds drew 0-0 and drew 1-1 in two matches, and had a crash. Replaying, I holidayed and my assistant won 6-0 in BOTH games! I'd ticked same tactics and line up, and he always does my team talk anyway.<) I tested this for 2nd half of the season, He went...
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    Is there a tactic that really gets the most out of a player, ultimate team focus?

    Basically I want to have some super famous all star player. Is there a tactic which is especially good at getting the most out of a player in one specific position? I'm guessing a striker?
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    How do I change what information is reported in matches? Level of detail I think it?

    Starting a game unemployed, England, Spanish + Italian leagues. But when I click in a match result is just shows the information screen. I want to see formations and statistics and such. Can anyone tell me how to alter this please? Is it maybe in preferences before loading up a game...
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    English Hero Achievement.

    Do we still have to be ONLINE for Steam to register this achievement properly, or can we play in off-line mode? Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, or if there's an achievements thread.