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    I am a minute away from giving up this game

    I have spent countless hours on this year's game. Now Let me say that I am not looking for an easy way out. I have been playing FM since the cm3 days and this one is sending my stress levels in the red zone. I am used to the initial level of frustration one encounters with every yearly edition...
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    The frustration is killing me!

    wrong section
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    Is FM17 better than FM16?

    I have a pretty killer long term save going on FM16 and I am wondering if it be worth starting an FM17 save. I don't care about camera angles or graphics as I play on 2d overhead views. Is there anything else about FM17 that makes it better than 16? I can't seem to find an exhaustive feature list.
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    My team does not show up in the Champions League?

    So I just won the CL for the 8th time in a row with Milan and for some reason, my team does not show up in the Champions Cup draw. Now all of my players want to leave for CL football. Can I fix this somehow? I don't want to give up this excellent save.
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    Frankie Goes to Europe

    Frankie Goes to Europe.. My intention with writing this story is not to talk about tactics or posts screenshots. I am just trying to write a nice story that perhaps some of you might enjoy reading. There might be some factual mistakes, some grammatical ones too as i am not a writer. Your...
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    Frankie Goes to Europe..

    Wrong section ! Mods pls delete thread ! thanks :)