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    I'm playing as Dundee United and the board have decided to build a new stadium. The Vitrex skin I'm using shows pictures of the stadium on the club info panel, but unknown stadiums, including stadiums built for clubs by the game, do not have an assigned picture. However, I have noticed that...
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    Job Advert Applicants

    I placed an advert in the job center for a new director of football and apparently there have been 7 applicants. I can't see where I view the applicants though :( Any help would be appreciated
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    SB's Fantasy Kit Request Thread

    For those of you who don't know the drill: Team (add more details if obscure) Fantasy Sponsor Kits - Colour, design ideas if any I'll try to get them out ASAP. Here are some I have done over the years to give you an idea
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    Pentagon Challenge

    So, what is the Pentagon Challenge? Well you load up a new game with your reputation set as Sunday League and you start Unemployed. Your task is then to go on throughout that career and win all 5 of the continental Champions Leagues. Easy right? Well why not give it a go. You may be asked to...
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    SacreBleu's kit request thread

    I know there are some other threads out there but I'm here too if you need me. I'll try to reply the same day, but if I don't it'll be reasonably quick I promise :)
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    Classic Teams: Aston Villa 1982

    **This is my first attempt at a major database change so if there are any issues please contact me either through PM or by commenting below...** So after getting a little bored with my AS Roma save, I decided to do a little bit of editing and kind of got carried away; here is the result...
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    So after four and a half seasons with US Quevilly, unlocking the French hero achievement, my plan was to move to the Italian leagues, managing whoever had a position available. However, after receiving a contract offer from Sampdoria, who would most likely win the Seria B - whether I was...
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    Common Problems #2; Boredom

    Problem number two. (And this time its an even more common one than CP #1.) Boredom. For a thread that talks about how to not get stuck on the snooze train before you start a game, I thoroughly recommend you head here first. However if you're already on the platform, ready to leave for a new...
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    I could be your hero baby!

    So I have decided to go for the "French Hero" Achievement in Steam, after the Scottish one was so much fun. Not sure if it was necessary, but I looked up tips and hints for the challenge before I set off, and apparently, because you cannot manage any team in the CFA (A-D) you have to go on...
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    Common Problems #1; Form vs. Potential vs. Ability

    So I'm going to try this new idea I've had, a weekly/twice-a-weekly post, discussing common problems on FM 2012, the eventually the most popular solution. My first common problem is one I commonly have quite often; Too many players playing at a certain position (For example, when I was managing...
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    Here are just some of my fantasy kits. Feel free to ask for some ;)
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    good left back for 4 * reputation team

    I'm playing as CSKA Moscow in their third season. Shennikov has been sold to A.C., so I need a good left back to replace him. Preferably someone who has better current ability rather than potential, but not ancient - remember it's in 2013/14. I have about 14M to spend, but some players are...