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    Player Fitness

    Hi, Just started a new game of FM with Burnley (my local club) did ten years with Tottenham and won the title 7 times and the Champions League 5 times etc etc. Player fitness seems to be a real problem with this squad I have with Burnley, now I am in the process of getting new youth players...
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    Board with current game play

    I have been playing for ages now, and have managed all the top teams in the Premiership, winning the tilte atleast twice with them all. (Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs, Villa, Chelsea, Burnley) I want a real challange now, maybe even a team from the lower divisions, anyone got any...
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    Increase season ticket sales?

    Anyone any ideas on how to increase my season ticket sales? :)
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    New Stadium Help

    Hi, I need a new stadium for Tottenham as we are still at White Hart Lane I have been manager there for 5 years now and have won the premier division 4 times, the champions cup 2 time etc, (the list goes on) All I want is for a new stadium, and its not like we dont have enough money!! Anyone...