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    Notts County Football Club

    Well guys Here it is Ive decided to edit over my man u thread cos i dont relly wanna get banned or done for spamming...ive decided to go with league 2 side notts county and hopefully get them to the premiership Unknown Manager Mark Spooner Has taken The Job At Notts County Hres What Hes Got...
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    as any1 else had the problem of where u managing a side and they announce a takeover of the club and of which if the takeover goes ahead they bring there own manager in ???
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    can some1 please help me lol ive tried making my own league but it wont let me edit an existing one i want to beable to change some features and add my own in to the leagues but everytime i try it wont let me help much appreciated:) ---------- Post added at 08:43 AM ---------- Previous post...
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    dream team/warburry warriors

    hey guys on the previous installment of football manager 09 there were databases that consisted of the dream team which was on sky1 and the warbury warriors out of the sun im just wondering if any1 as made these for fm10 as these were good databases to play if any1 as any ideas or no were to...