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    Chelsea FC: The " clever little so-and-so" returns.

    Gianfranco Zola returns to Chelsea Chelsea Football Club have appointed club legend Gianfranco Zola as the clubs new manager on a two year deal. This is only the 45 year old's second job in management previously being in charge of West Ham United from 2008 to 2010 where he was eventually let go...
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    Fernando Torres... his story

    Fernando Torres... his story I have struggled to adapt to life in London since my move to Chelsea back in January. Moving to a new club in a completely different area is hard enough but I have also had alot of pressure on my shoulders due to the amount of money Chelsea paid to sign me from...
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    Premier league years

    Anybody watch Premier league years on sky sports? If you dont know what it is it is basically a show that shows highlights of a certain premier league season. Right now on sky sports 3 the 02/03 season is being shown and tomorrow 03/04 and then saturday 04/05 etc etc. It is a really good show...
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    Chelsea target Gianfranco Zola as a coach

    Chelsea want Gianfranco Zola to become a coach at Stamford Bridge, according to Sky Sports News sources. Chelsea are six points behind Premier League leaders Manchester Utd, with two games to go after their 2-1 defeat at Old Traffordon Sunday. Sources say there is no suggestion the former West...
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    Graham Westley barmy army...

    Blue square premier league champions aye. It still hasnt sunk in. A great season for everyone here at Stevenage and I want 2010/11 to be even better. We will be expected to be stuck in a relegation battle but I know my boys are more than capable of overachieving in league 2. Roberts and co are...
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    problem with steam

    hope someone can help because whenever I open steam it comes up with steam.exe ( main exception): CMultiFieldBlob(pserialized): bad field - extends past end of blob I have no idea what that means so any help please ? cheers :) ---------- Post added at 03:23 AM ---------- Previous post...
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    Balotelli and Boateng clash in training

    from The Telegraph: Roberto Mancini was forced to intervene to calm the volatile tempers of Mario Balotelli and Jerome Boateng following a training ground clash between the two Manchester City players on Friday.The City manager, who has seen midfielders James Milner and Yaya Toure involved in...
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    Q.P.R any

    started a game as Q.P.R and never really manage in the championship and im stuck on what transfers to make so any help is appreciated :) thanks.
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    Liverpool- any

    Currently having a break from my Stevenage save and I have decided to start a Liverpool save as I have seen alot of people on this site managing the club and they look like a good and fun team to manage so I thought I might aswell give it ago and basicly Im stuck on who I should buy and sell so...
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    Sunderland- all positions

    well basicly just started a game as sunderland and only managed them once before and failed really bad lol so im hoping the lovely people of fm base can help me with the right players to sign and maybe ven suggest a few players I should sell ? ^^) My transfer budget is £19.75 million as i went...
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    Stevenage- striker

    I want a new striker for stevenage second season in and I have 20k please help :)
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    Chelsea job- the story

    Since the arrival of new chelsea chairman George Fenech after russian billionaire Roman Abramovich retired as he has " no interest in Football anymore" Fenech has been looking for a new manager. sky sports understands he has made his decision and has hired Jose Mourinho ( Scott Button). Fenech...
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    Apply for the Chelsea job

    congratulations to Scott who has got the job. but he may not have the job forever so make sure if he ever gets the sack or decides to resign feel free to send me an application for the job :D. well over the last few days there has been a couple of stories like this and i was interested in...
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    Heskey retires from international football

    Emile Heskey has retired from international football awwww what a shame we are gunna miss him so much :( :P
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    Blackburn heading up and up.. I hope

    have decided to start a new story because of the problem i had with my jose mourinho story :( and i will be managing blackburn thanks to vhelp from anu for helping me pick which team to be :) Sam Allardyce retires. The now Former blackburn manager declared he has retired from football...
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    romelu lukaku in real life

    we all know there are plenty of threads about lukaku on fm but this is a thread about him in real lfe and does anybody think he will turn into an amazing player and if so what club do you all think he will end up playing for?? i aint saying this just because i support chelsea but i think we...
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    britains got talent

    thought i might aswell post a thread on this so people can talk abut the semi finals and final that are all happening this week well did anyone watch tonights one and which two do you think should go through to the final? i think that man that swallows stuff was good and deserves to go...
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    Fran Mérida agrees 4 year deal with athletico madrid

    arsenals young midfielder fran merida looks like his going to athletico after agreeing a contract with them. what do all the arsenal supporters on this site think of him leaving and leaving on a free
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    ever cried or gone mental over a football match??

    searched the forums and didnt find a thread like this and i just thought of this randomly lol have you ever cried or gone mental and say got into a fight or anything over a football match?? i was in tears after the 2008 champions league final pen shoot out i honestly wernt the same for about 2...
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    The Special One Returns To The Bridge

    my last fm2010 story 7/7/2009 1:35 pm since Guus Hiddink left chelsea from being their temporary manager of the 2008/2009 season Chelsea football club have been looking for a new manager. a number of managers have been linked with the job but suprisingly former Chelsea manager Jose...