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    Christian Benteke replacement

    Hey y'all. I'm playing with Aston Villa. At the end of the first season bids came flying in for Benteke, as expected, with the likes of Bayern and Man Utd offering ?32 million. I rejected them all?call me crazy but i'm a Villa fan and quite like the guy, personal preference to keep him?but I...
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    SOS Real Oviedo: Historic Spanish Club Needs Your Help, as a Shareholder | Bleacher Report Real Oviedo has opened itself out to new shareholders as it faces closing its doors. You can purchase a share for €10.75 (11.50 via PayPal) and help save them. You get a certificate, your a club owner...
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    Barca, Jan 1st season, CB - which?

    Hello people! I'm Barca first season, Mr. Rosell has kindly given me £52m to spend in January. Barca have a clear need at CB, and I've got the luxury of choice. Hummels, Dede, K. Papadopoulos, Howedes, Sakho, Astori or someone else? What do you think?
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    Xavi eat your heart out!

    I lost the game, but oh well. Was experimenting with how far you can go towards tiki-taka on FM13. Nice.