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    Participative AMC

    I have the impression that the game this year favors wingers, buildings on the side. Many tactics use SS and AM, but they don't make much difference. I have already put Messi, Dybala, Hazard and neither do they yield in that position. Always underestimated. They don't participate much in the...
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    Atacking, beautiful and collective football

    I am looking for a tactic that values collective play, but also brings together geniuses like Messi, Maradona, Pele, Zico ... Creatives and runners. I don't like to leave them by the side (wingers, if ...). I prefer the center.
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    My defense takes many goals from through balls. The two defenders mark the same man, so the other striker is always left in the face of the goal. What can I do?
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    About updates

    I always played FM for entertainment and not for understanding. I decided to change my posture recently. From there, I had doubts: why do tactics not work from one update to another? What changes? why do some positions work in a certain version and others do not? obs : Sorry for de bad english
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    A beautiful football

    Do you have any suggestions for any offensive tactics that present beautiful football? I always try to use Knap and Tff's, but they don't entertain me in that sense. They seem to be effective, but they are not brilliant.