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    11 Gunners 4-4-2 Arsenal Champion

    First of all I apologize for my English, I have used the Google translator. During the season we have managed to win the 5 titles that the team has played. Thus achieving a true record for Arsenal. Although it is true that this year they did not play in the Champions League, when you...
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    4-3-3 Pep Guardiola City Win with Celta de Vigo (liga & Copa)

    We won the league and the cup with Celta de Vigo, without signings, with 94 points, thanks to this 4-3-3 vertical tiki taka tactic. Similar to Guardiola's City, but winning titles :p I found this tactic on youtube and can't find the author, but it works perfectly. Thank you its...
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    Which player chips in all your games? These are my signings.

    Players (wonderkids) for positions, and for different prices depending on the money you have. Players by positions.
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    Quique Setién FC Barcelona

    blackmoix uploaded Quique Setién FC Barcelona Leave feedback below.
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    What are the best routines of the game this year? I only found one for the throw-in, which works. Same on both sides free kick Use the same settings in all free kick options. Place one or two of the best headers on the far post Another setpieces from Menorca web - Spain
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    What is the best routine? [Routines - Setpieces]

    What are the best routines for this year? One of the novelties is that you can load them all at once, but I don't find any that is profitable or that includes more than one configuration (the game gives 3 options for each corner, free kick ...) In tactical tests, some come out with more than...
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    load tactics on FM19 TOUCH - Cargar táctica en FM19 TOUCH (iPAD)

    You can load your tactics just like your computer, but using iTunes. I guess for any other tablet you should do the same. But with your content manager LOAD IPAD TACTIC FM19 TOUCH
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    What Tablet should I buy?

    On the football manager website there is a list of tablets that are compatible with FM19 Touch. If you feel more comfortable playing with a tablet here is the list and one of the tablets. I still use the ipad mini 2. The tactics, games, lists ... of this forum you can load them like in a laptop.
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    best counter attack 4-4-2

    I found this tactic on youtube, developed on a 4-4-2. But there is no download link. Does anyone have the link? Do you know a similar tactic with a 4-4-2? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlJMXfwNOKI Please!!! With the Machin-machine Tactics, I make similar counterattacks, but when I adapt...
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    Project Pablo Machín - Sevilla (19W 1D 1L)

    Hi, This time I want to comment a challenge, with the spectacular tactics VocalTraining adapted and improved a bit in the instructions to stop the ball. The original tactics , comes with a standard configuration, but to me it has worked swimmingly playing against , especially to get ahead on...
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    I have a project, win all competitions with a normal team, for example the BETIS, playing with a defense of 4. Preferably 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1. Here I attach the tactics found in this forum that have been better for me ... Any tactics or contribution to be able to test? Thank you