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    SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3

    SRB19 uploaded SRB I'VE DONE IT 4-3-3 Leave feedback below.
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    SRB 2-3-2-3

    SRB19 uploaded SRB 2-3-2-3 Leave feedback below.
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    Can't accept job offer

    Gladbach offered me the job as their manager but I never get the option to accept the offer. I asked to take over at the end of the season if that matters, but it shouldn't. I had saved on this date so when I load the game I still get offered the job with no option to accept.
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    Can't speak to player

    I have a number of players in my team (they are not unhappy in any way) but I still can't speak to them. I needed to warn a few of them because of their bad form but there is no option for interaction. Should this option just magically appear of out nowhere later on?
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    ICC for 2018

    Hi guys, has anyone made a ICC database for FM 18?
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    Beta worth playing or should I wait for full game?

    There is not much more to add to the title, it really says it all.
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    SRB 4-1-3-2 no strikers record high Fulham 1st season Premier League

    After a few attempts I have finally created a successful strikerless tactic and it worked wonders for my Fulham team in my 1st season in the top flight. My first tactic upload to this forum if I'm correct. Player instructions GK - Distribute to full backs - Take short kicks RB/LB -...
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    Manager wages

    As I was offered a new contract at Udinese they offered me a deal where I get 15k p/w for three years. I'm in my second season and have greatly helped the club's finances by shipping out all of those players that are away on loan in the first season. This contract offer made me wonder.. is it...
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    Nation youth ratings

    I wanted to know this for my personal use and having the list in front of me I decided to share it with you, with the community. Nation Youth rating FIFA Rankings as of 20th October Brazil 163 3rd Germany 155 2nd Italy 144 13th France 140 7th Argentina 140 1st Spain 140 10th...
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    Use existing manager profile?

    Hello guys, I have one question. Am I just blind or is there no way to use an existing manager profile like you could do in FM16? Do I really have to create a new manager profile for each save? Btw this forum needs a new "I have a question" thread for quick questions like these
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    International Champions Cup

    With the International Champions Cup going on I wanted to know if there is a way to create a friendly cup using the database editor. I can't seem to find it. This would be useful for creating friendly cups like the ICC, Amsterdam Tournament, Emirates Cup and others. Is there any editor guru who...
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    Quitting a save game for it being too unrealistic

    Alright, right now I'm in my second season with 1860 Munchen. I won the 2. Bundesliga on goal difference (media prediction 12th) and now it's 14th November and I'm 6th in the Bundesliga. My success is based on the Eusebio tactic but some part of me wants to quit the save and start a new with...
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    1860 Munich

    Hello guys, I've read older forum posts from various forums that a save with 1860 Munich is no fun as Bayern get 50% of the gate receipts or something like that so it's hard to build the team and make it grow. Is this true, as I wanted to know for sure before starting a save with them.
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    Managing in rest of Europe

    After I get bored with my current Villarreal save I want to start a semi challenge by managing only in rest of Europe and win as much as I can (not France, England, Spain, Italy, Germany) but I have not managed in European countries outside those 5 for ages. How is it different, like in Turkey...
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    Spanish tv money distribution

    Hi guys, I was wondering if the la liga tv money distribution deal is included in the game? The spanish congress had something to do with it so the duopoly wouldn't get all the money. Spanish La Liga New 3 Year TV Deal Worth €2.65 billion thanks in advance!
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    Adding MLS team for future seasons

    Hello guys, Is there any way for me to add MLS teams that would join the league in future seasons? With Atlanta joining in 2017 and LA FC in 2018 I wanted to have them available for me in the game. in advance
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    Need some 4-2-2-2-1 narrow help

    Hello guys I've got a tactical idea in mind but the problem is that I've never worked with this kind of formation before. It's quite easy to make a good 4-2-3-1 wide formation but this one is a bit tricky for me to perfect. It is a 4-1-2-2-1 narrow formation and I want to play a counter...
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    Improved manager loyalty?

    Hello there As I still have to buy the game (will do it in December) I wanted to ask those of you who have already bought it and maybe completed a couple of seasons if manager loyalty has been improved. In last games, especially '15 managers just need to be linked with another team and poof...
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    Football Manager addiction

    Heeello, I was wondering how serious your football manager addiction is (if you have any). My example of an addiction is that I measure time with Football Manager. example: I go outside to do something with my friends, halfway through the night I wonder how much I could have done in my current...
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    Help needed with nation rules

    Hi, I'm trying to set up the Icelandic league system and I'm so close to finish it but I always get this error: https://gyazo.com/a554bb6b836116776a81bcfcf0fbe6e2 This is about teams being promoted from 4th division to 3rd division. 4th division is divided into 4 groups, each with 7 teams. Two...