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    Complete Forwards

    I don't know if there is already an existing thread for this but can you name "Who are the best of Complete Forwards in FM12?". If you can, please list Value and Team they play for.
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    Hosting Network Game LIGA BBVA

    Me and my friend is hosting a network game now but you must have a microphone and skype. If you are interested please PM me or add me on skype (naruto01911)
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    Looking for Network Game

    Hello i am looking for a committed FM network. I am quite experienced but i have not played much in this 2012, but i used to play 2011 network games daily. I have hamachi if needed and also a microphone if people use it. If theres anyone out there interested to create a network together, please...
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    Questions with Patch Problem

    Hello, i wanted to play network games but as i realised i only have FM 2012 12.2.0. And on steam it says latest update was 12.2.1 and it has not updated even though i checked settings to update automatically and also press check for updates but says i'm up to date. I am wondering, how do i get...
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    Question Regarding Network Gaming!

    Hey i was wondering, if i had the newest patch, and my friend would have no patches just normal. Could i still host the game up using 11.1 Database and he would play? Would it be a problem?
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    Looking for Casual but commited players

    Hey, i am looking for committed players who go on often but are casual. I won't be playing a lot but hoping a few hours a day game. PM me or email me at [email protected] if you are interested. I will probably look for 3 or 4 players that will not be total idiots and are committed and...
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    Hosting a big EPL League/Game

    !game closed! Due to lack of commited players game has been closed! closed
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    What is this kit?

    I was wondering is there even a team with a kit sponsored by Playstation3 and if so who? Because my friend has one and he won't tell me >.> Example below: Willkommen bei Facebook - anmelden, registrieren oder mehr erfahren
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    Selling my key player?

    Should i sell my key player? He is AMRL/ST. He wants to move to a bigger club due to my club being league two side. But the thing is he is very good Premier division quality standard! He can play either position, AMR or Striker. He has made 21(6) appearances scoring 10 goals, having the Average...
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    Team Morale Problem

    I was checking my team talk report thing and it says the team morale is excellent but..."(*** Man) believes our current players have not yet developed a good level of understanding". What does that mean? And how can i make them work like a team and become a good one? I hope someone can help...
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    Leeds - GK

    I need a new goalkeeper that is good as i have just sold my best keeper to Liverpool due to him wanting to leave the club because wanted to move bigger club! So i need a good one that will join my club...i am willing to spend at most 5 million on the best keeper! I'm also in my first year of the...
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    Major Concern on player

    I need help! One of my Key players is unsettled and says that he feels he should be a first team regular but he is "indispensable to club" and i played him most of the matches apart from matches that i rotate players when they are tired or to try new youngsters. How can i solve this and make...
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    Questions about Player Ratings

    I'm not quite sure what rating is good and bad. I know that rating of 5 and below are bad but what about rating of 6? 6-7? Most of my squad has the rating of 6.6 to 7. Is that good or bad? Or just average? Because im thinking of telling the player about his recent form either criticize him or...
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    Holidaying into the future problem

    Hmm i've just tried holidaying but i've got a problem. When i do, i check in team talk feedback and it says team talk"None" and the players blame me for not pleasing them or saying anything! Does anyone know how to solve this? Because my assistant manager says "none" and it makes my players...
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    i was wondering about these regens...Its so hard for me to find one these days and a good one especially :/ Anyone know how to get good Regens in 1st or 2nd seasons? Do they just randomly appear in your youth team?
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    Stupid Transfer Bidding

    OMG! I hate this when i bid for a player and they keep stalling over the bid then negotiates and wants more every single ****** time! I've done this for like 20 times now...from 1 mil to 5 mil and hes only worth 500k!!!!. This is dumb dumb. I now rejected it. That player was a decent player...
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    The Afros

    i was wondering if anyone ever thought of making a full team of AFROS!? Like Collocini, David Luiz, Fellani Etc. How cool would it be if your full team was full of Afro hairs :D? All brazillians or something lol...
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    Problems with the site

    Hi, i was just wondering if i am the only one experiencing a problem with the site. Every now and again it says the server is extremely busy and has been closed down. Why is this happening?
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    Management in Foreign Countries

    Has anyone managed any teams in Russia? How is it there, is it good or not? Because all of my friends have not managed in that country and wondering if i should? I am currently looking for a new challenge. I've managed teams from England, Italy, Brazil and Hong Kong. I would not prefer to...
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    Help with training!

    Hey, i need some help, tips on training. I don't need to know about Senior training but for YOUTH TRAINING, Should i up the level to very intense training? or should i keep it at medium. The reason is because i have a good youth potential keeper regen who has 6 star and thinking if i should up...