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    Online game - Lower leagues (LONG TERM)

    Hello, Is anyone interested in a lower league save? I would prefer as low as possible for a good challenge, My schedule is really flexible as i work from home (Programmer). IF anyone is interested please add me on steam:MozzieFM or msg me here. Please only people who enjoy the struggle in this...
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    Looking for someone to play with (LONG TERM)

    Hey guys, Id love to join or create a online save, Someone who is ready to do a long term save. I can do any league and division. (My curent offline save is Portsmouth). Iv played fm since fm12 and i really do enjoy playing it. So if you wanna join or need a player feel free to hit me up at...
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    Players for Portsmouth new save.

    I need some sudjestions who to bring to my team.
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    Ipswich, Looking for some young players.

    Hello, I'm looking for some good young players. Transfer budget is really low tho im selling couple of players to get it to 5-8Mil
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    Is football manager 2016 worth buying?

    Is fm16 worth buying right now. Il buy it sooner or later just intrested is it playable (bugs,gameplay etc)
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    Managed to f*** up game

    So i have been playing with tactics columns removing every single one of em and wanted to add them how i wanted to. And after i removed every column my game crashed. And it crashes every time i try to go to tactics page. I have tryed -Reinstalling the game - Doesnt work -Removing Fm15 document...
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    Thierry Henry - Success is a journey, not a destination

    Thierry Daniel Henry an ex world class striker takes upon managerial challenge Press conference: Reporter: Do you have any job offers or plans where will you start your new career Thierry Henry: As i just announced my steps into managerial career i havent got any plans or job offers at the...
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    fm15 generated son

    I have read all about how to get them etc.. Has anyone had any good succes with it? Im thinkin of starting save in fmc. My derby rekting everyone days are getting bored
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    Looking for a new challenge

    Looking for a sudjestion what club should i start new save with, Im looking for a club that will make me extra angry and **** me off throu out the game. So as hard as it can get
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    Vanarama conference promoted, need some help

    Hello everyone, i'm playing as halifax and just finished my 1st season and got promoted, anyone have any suggestions for some signings? Want to get insta promotion again. Thanks
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    Real Madrid - Start from scratch

    Hello everyone, I decided to try something new to spice things up. I'l try to make this thread as clean as i can and easy to follow and read. Hope you guys will like it and please comment with your opinions. If anyone wants the file and try this challenger themself feel free to pm me and il send...
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    Aleksandar Mitrovic

    Well everyone who played fm14 know's him he was simply a god. Anyone have any experience with him in fm15?
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    Arsenal - Time for a change

    Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal after being criticized by fans. After few days reporter finally managed to get respons from Arsene, He said "It was time for a change, for both me and Arsenal" Who will be new Arsenal manager? Will Arsenal finally be able to win Barclays Premier League with new...
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    West Brom [3rd season]

    Hello everyone I'm on start of my 3rd season [Finished 7th 1st season, and 8th 2nd season won fa cup tho so i'm playing in europa league] So i'm looking for: goalkeeper wing back right winger midfield right This is my curent squad [ http://prntscr.com/5cflmq ] if you have any suggestion for...
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    West Brom

    Hello guys, id like if you have any suggestion over what players i should buy. I'm at start of season looking for some young potential. ST/AMC/MR Thanks
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    Balkan players in fm-base 800m Challenge

    Hello everyone, If anyone would like to join me in this "quest" i would be glad to read and post my results and so on. So the file is http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-transfer-updates-custom-leagues/184009-football-manager-base-%C2%A3800-000-000-challenge.html from this page...