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    Paris Saint-German 4-2-3-1 Asymm Issues

    After 3 seasons of relative success using my asymmetric 4-2-3-1, the team started to struggle. My goal with the tactic was to be extremely efficient, scoring a lot without conceding much. Fast, direct style of playing. Which was achieved. This tactic got me one Europa League, 2 Ligue1, and...
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    Desperate for help

    First off, this is probably in the wrong section. Sorry if it is, I'm not sure. I usually play FM on a Toshiba laptop. Always ran perfectly, even though it made the vent accelerate a bit. A couple of weeks ago, the computer started to shut down on its own. I browsed the web, and got to a...
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    Città di Palermo

    Sorry if this didn't deserve a thread of it's own, but it's kinda urgent. Ok, appealing to the good people of FM-Base to help me out. This tactic got me to 4th place with Palermo twice in a row, and to the last stage of Champions League. Problem is, it's not working anymore. It concedes way too...
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    Don't know what more I could do

    Diego has been unhappy for my Juventus team, in 2014 for all the season long. In the Personal info, it says he wants to get transfer-listed. I've been giving him contracts of 185k++ € and he rejected them all. So I broke down, and transfer-listed him. Now Verratti its irritated because "I should...
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    Near death experience

    Ok guys, just wanted to tell you what happened to me today. So, my sister finished her college, therefore her school made a party, and me, my mom and my girlfriend went to Lisbon (150 km +/- from my homeland). It was raining like ****, we were 120km/h in the freeway, when all of a sudden a car...
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    Portugal 1 - 0 Bosnia

    A second-half strike by Raul Meireles was enough to break Bosnian hearts and send 2006 semi-finalists Portugal through to the FIFA World Cup™ finals on Wednesday. Portugal, once again without the injured Cristiano Ronaldo, had won a hard-fought first leg 1-0 courtesy of a close-range header by...
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    So, just wondering, any pot-smokers in the house? :)
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    Benfica v Everton

    Benfica 4 - 0 Everton the unstoppable force(H) and still going, plenty of time to score some more maybe?
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    New Team

    yo Im trying to make some new team in the Prem or in the portuguese league. can anyone help me on how to? tks in advance
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    Kenny Otigba

    Never heard of him, but sounds like a good prospect. Anyone got any feedback or maybe some screenies from further in the game?
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    Mohsen Mosalman

    Anyone know anything about this guy? Just looking at Irans team and found out this young striker, opinions, feedbacks and **** welcome
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    Daniel Parejo

    AMC, Real Madrid Castilla Just saw this guy, 2nd season, hes godlike. Anyone got any feedback from older buyings or sumtin? Red Cheers(6)
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    Ivory Coast GR

    Am i just blame stupid or I can't find any CIV GK, only one, who is 16 y.o. ? Like, i got the spot and CIV its plenty of potential, so rly would like to know if there is rly that only one 16 y.o. GK Ole
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    Left back [Juventus]

    Molinaro its injured, de Ceglie its not good enough for 1st team, as far as i see.. My main option its always Marcelo, who i forgot about in the beginning of the season, and now its at City. Tried Vargas but he won't come, cuz he just arrived Fiore.. Im desperate, dont wanna spoil Chiellini @...