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    [4-3-3] Ruthless Football

    So, I started FM15 with my favourite team as always and appreciate it is not the toughest team to do well with. However, after playing through 2 Season 1s due to the Odegaard patch; I feel that it's worth sharing my take on 4-3-3 which has yielded some good results. The Results: Table...
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    Do the Consistency and Important Matches ratings interact with each other?

    Okay, so I fully understand how both of these scales work independently. However, I was wondering if anyone knew intimately via knowledge of the game engine, whether consistency and important matches interact with each other on big matches? For example: - I have scouted Jose Luis Gaya, who is...
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    Confused at some of the Potentials of Chelsea's Youth

    So, as always I begin FM each year with a Chelsea save as they're my club from birth. What struck me was how very stingy the developers have been with the PAs of stars such as Dominic Solanke, Lewis Baker, Izzy Brown and Nathan Ake to name just a few. Christensen, Solanke, Baker and Ake in...
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    Borussia Monchengladbach January 2014 Window

    Hi guys, So I decided to start a new save with Gladbach because I've been fairly impressed with them for the past 3 seasons or so and have decided to support them to some degree. A few things before I describe what I've done so far. Firstly, ter Stegen refuses to sign a new deal; Secondly I do...
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    Donis Avdijaj - Schalke 04

    Found this guy on my new save and was surprised at how good he looked. I don't believe he's mentioned on these boards, so without further ado. Name: Donis Avdijaj DOB: 25/8/1996 Position: ST/AMC Strengths: Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Agility Weaknesses: Team Work and Work Rate Screens...
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    Bargain Buy - Erik Sviatchenko

    Hi guys, Just wanted to notify you of a really accessible and solid centre-back for low budget teams! Name: Erik Sviatchenko Club: FC Midtjylland Position: CB DOB: 4/10/1991 Price: (14.3 patch) 725k Screens: (All following AI team training etc)
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    Super Successful tactic, but poor striker performances.

    Hi FM basers, I'm playing a 2-4-1-2-1 formation using inside forwards and marauding wing backs, however I have failed to get the striker position scoring consistently. The team as a whole score a ton of goals, but the stark majority is from the wings and the solitary central midfielder. I'll...
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    Feeder club bug?

    Well, I'm doing a long term save with Chelsea as I haven't ever done so on prior FMs. I'm in 2024 and now suddenly I cannot choose my own feeders! This would be fine if the board could actually present me with feeder clubs worth choosing but they are also selecting awful feeders. I previously...
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    Sterling's South American Based Recommendation List

    Okay, so I thought it'd be a good idea to create a list of players I feel are good for the majority of teams that are not Brazilian in South America. Managing Penarol myself (Stories section; El comandante), I have found it challenging to find players that can crack the hegemony of Brazilian...
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    El Comandante - A career beginning in South America

    Club Atletico Peñarol Last won - Uruguayan Championship: 2010 Copa Libertadores: 1987 Copa Sudamerica: Never Conclusion - El Comandante is required I am going to go about this career as a no-**** 'I am awesome' attitude manager in the wake of Mourinho and now Di Canio being focused upon by...
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    Summer 2013; Torino, Need a striker.

    Okay guys, heres the scenario. Last season I superbly got second, very unexpected but Juve ran away with it and won by 22 points, whilst the other 'big' teams failed miserably, all 10th and below. So, it was me, Parma and Chievo fighting for the CL spots come 20 games. I had loaned Libor...
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    Andre Hansen - Odd - Great bargain keeper <300k

    Hi, just found this guy when trying to bring cheap depth to my Torino squad first season. He looks very good for the price. Name: Andre Hansen D.O.B: 17.12.89 Club: Odd Nationality: Norwegian Cost: 200-300k or so.
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    Mid-season Injury crisis: Strikers.

    Okay, So I just bought FM13 a few days ago and I never did a Chelsea save on Fm12 (I'm a RL supporter), so I have decided to make my first long term save with them. I am in mid-December and doing fairly well, however, I've lost my lead at the top to City and I'm 1 point adrift. The main reason...
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    Feeder Club Frustration!

    I keep getting rejected by any feeder propositions I make. Firstly I set my expectations high and told my board to try link with FC Nantes in France (8th-12th type of team Ligue 1 on my save), and that came back unsuccessful. I have varied different clubs and even a team as lowly as BAYONNE...
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    Advice picking a feeder club for Real Sociedad (My own choice, not board's)

    Hi there guys. I know many good non-EU weak teams with great academies that I often use as feeder clubs; however, primarily I want to focus on at the very least central european players though I'm not adverse to other countries; it's just a preference. I last asked for Bayonne (basque...
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    Europa League-Rep level team Utility players for Defense?

    Hi there, I'm Sociedad and I'm in need for an almost like-for-like replacement for the injury-prone and now lacking quality Lassine Cadamuro. He can play all across the defence and in DM. I do not need a DM in the slightest, but I need someone who can plug any gap in defence caused by injury of...
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    The Royal Society's Coup d'etat of the Basque Country and Beyond

    Touching Down in San Sebastian My arrival is greeted with a contagious episode of murmuring and whispering.In this autonomous province I am greeted with hostile Journos from Bilbao and optimistic ones from my new home town, but, unsurprisingly I am also approached by San Sebastian editors and...
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    Can your team gain new rivals over time?

    Well as the title suggests, I was wondering about this. I am currently managing Stade de Reims and their 'historic' rivals are not on there apart from the local derby with Sedan Ardennes. In the years they were dominant in with Ligue 1 titles and 2 European cup final appearances with Kopa and...
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    When creating a tactic...?

    Okay, so I have been soldiering on for a while now at my own tactics but I have some questions that have sort have been a bit of a stumbling block for me. First of all, I do use logic when creating tactics, however: - If things don't work out so great at the first attempt, How can I reduce the...
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    Saphir Taider - Bologna/Juventus - Dubbed Next Platini

    Name : Saphir Taider Club : Co-owned by Bologna and Juventus D.O.B. : 29/02/1992 Nationality : French (declared for Nation) / Tunisian / Algerian Position : MC / MR Strengths : - Acceleration - Technique - Agility - First Touch - Work rate Weaknesses: - Positioning - Decisions - Influence -...