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  1. J

    dodgy colour

    i dunno if you will be able to help, but heres the deal. recently when i try watch a video that has a pitch black colour in it, the pixels go the wrong colour and just flash and move about :S
  2. J

    Happy Birthday NUFCSean

    Happy 17th Birthday
  3. J

    safari web browser

    ive started using this web browser, i think its pretty **** good Safari download
  4. J

    xml parsing error

    i keep getting xml parsing error everytime i press something like close or load a new game and my saves wont load. Ive tried re-installing the game but that didnt work any ideas?:?
  5. J


    whats with the change in positioning?
  6. J

    best game ever

    so what do you think is the best game ever, personally i think its GoldenEye on the N64, the multiplayer on that was the ***
  7. J


    i just downloaded bioshock from the xbox live marketplace, its the most amazing game ive played in a long time, its due for release this friday. the best points are the graphics and the fact theres no time to rest as sumthing is always trying to kill you background info can be found here...
  8. J

    Liverbirds Soar High

    Right, im probably gonig to be accused of copying boozad and sean, but i think its such a good idea, plus i got nothing to do these summer holidays. Basically im Liverpool in my 2nd season after finishing 2nd in my first season. My Current Squad and Current League Standings
  9. J

    Premier League Fantasy Football

    hey ive made a league on this website the league code is 39336-11061 so hurry up and join :P
  10. J

    FM is poorly coded!!

    i remember a topic about access out of bounds and it means its poorly programmed well take a look at this!
  11. J


    just been messing around on userbar generator feel free to use or give me comments to show where i can improve, plz bare in mind this is my 1st attempt :P
  12. J

    stick cricket

    hey ive been playing this game called stick cricket for a while now on www.stickcricket.com and ive just made a league so if u wanna join the number/id thing is 98552 edit: password is wolves forgot to say
  13. J

    The championship

    so this year has been the closest championship i have ever seen in my lifetime but who do u think will go up? heres the table http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_1/table/default.stm
  14. J

    internet help :S

    my internet keeps disconnecting me from server such as msn and xfire after a random period of time, is there anything i can do or is my isp a pile of **** lol my isp is tiscali
  15. J

    "more of the same" teamtalk

    i think there shud b a more of the same team talk, cos lots of times its been 0-0 at half time and i want them to just keep the same thing going cos ive been al over em
  16. J

    slated team talks

    this has annyed me marlon king as moaned about me saying i am disapointed about a 2-2 draw with wigan, cos they scored twice in 90th min, i aint gonna say oh i am elated am i
  17. J

    Jamgla .v. Thekillerdr

    me and Thekillerdr are doing a challenge on who can do the best with watford. we will pst every week, most proabably on thursays it wil be ran on med db
  18. J

    my *** man owns

    i got a touchline ban( i did it on purpose to see wat happend) and my *** man got me the victory losing 1-0 at half time and he turned it round to 2-1
  19. J

    wycombe v chelsea

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/league_cup/6236711.stm well i didnt watch the game, but its good to see a lower league side still have sumthing to play for in the 2nd leg
  20. J

    records thread

    well is it time for a records thread yet?