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    How will these computers cope with FM17?

    Looking to get a new pc. Budget is £200-£250. I'm not technically minded so making one isn't an option for me. So far I am looking at these: DELL QUAD CORE GAMING DESKTOP PC COMPUTER WINDOWS 7 & 2GB GRAPHICS & 16GB & 1TB | eBay FAST HP QUAD CORE DESKTOP PC COMPUTER TOWER WINDOWS 7 & WIFI &...
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    [Another...] Will this Computer run FM fast?

    Good morning all, I need to upgrade and looking to future proof my next PC purchase. I normally only upgrade every 5 years+ This is the PC which has caught my eye. https://www.xtremcomputer.com/product/new-1/ Product Line: Desktop PC GIGABYTE Model: Desktop PC i5 4460 MPN: MSI B85M-E45...
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    Nations with the most domestic cups to win

    Title does exactly what it says on the tin. What nation has the most domestic cups to win? I'm planning on doing a career game of just winning as many different cups in different leagues. I'm sure it was Ireland or Northern Ireland had a lot of cups that could be won depending on what team...
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    Network Inbox Problem.

    Hi guys I'm wondering if someone can help. I'm currently playing a Network game and I cannot receive any new messages yet it is saying I have many unread. I have checked filters and everything is ticked so nothing should be being hidden. Has anyone had this problem before or know how to fix it...
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    Defending Set Pieces 11.3

    Guys I'm having real trouble setting up for defending set pieces. What's the best formula? Zonal or Man? My team is currently getting used to a tactic I'm implementing so I've got Match Prep on Team Blend until it's fluid. If someone could assist with some player instructions that would be...