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    New Edwin Van Der song?

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    WIN a signed Rooney or Giggs jersey for FREE

    Hi everyone. Thanks to the staff for allowing me put this up here. Just wanted to try and get as many Utd fans as possible into the loop about a fantastic competition, I think, which is completely free to enter and takes just two minutes to complete. This is my site...
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    Blackpool - NEW GAME

    Starting a game as Blackpool. Any advice on who to sign etc? :)
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    Lockerz - Signed Up To It?

    anyone a member of this site? ya earn points for logging on each day or replying to articles and then ya can get xboxes, playstations, ipods, tvs etc ya need and invite to sign up though anyone who wants an invite, pm me your email or post it and i'll send ya one asap. Please accept the email...
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    Click Me Game

    Click me! lol
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    My Story - Newcastle United

    Updated my FM09 to V5 a few weeks ago and started with Newcastle United in the Championship. Heres a run down on how each season went and where I'm at so far. Competitions 2008/2009 Won Championship (119 points - lost one game) 2009/2010 Finished 8th in Premier League after having a media...