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    World Club club competition

    Does anyone know how to create a world club cup competition that runs along side the normal season. I would want it to be a straight knockout. What is the maximum number of team this would allow to fit into a year?
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    Database help

    I am currently running a database with English leagues down to level 12. I want to do the following: Firstly, Change the FA cup to a British FA Cup including all English league and non league teams, all scottlish league teams, top two divisions from Welsh leagues, top two divisions from...
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    World club cup knockout

    What is the maximum teams you can have in a cup tournament when running a usual league with all domestic cups as well Basically I would like a usual season but a new knockout tournament featuring every winner from every league in the , or even featuring every team in all the top level leagues...
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    Does Fm run forever?

    How long does the game last? Is it indefinite or is there a limit?
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    Maximum number of teams for a cup competition

    What is the maximum number of teams you could have in a cup competition. For instance woud it be possible to create a massive cup with as many nations as possible from around the world, randomly drawn.How would this impact on a typical season if a team was to progress to the later stages and...