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    Raikan007 | Back again

    thanks gents, yes been AGES, like 8 years at least! the game has changed since Fm12 yoh :) but enjoying learning it again, especially the team dynamics and players roles flip, are footballers really that pathetic and needy as they are in this game? they moan about everything and always have...
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    Raikan007 | Back again

    Hi FM-Base, long time :) After a very long break from FM I saw that Epic Games has FM20 for free :) I decided to pick it up and give this years version a go! Not sure if the old guard are still here but I look forward to being part of the community again, albeit not as involved as I was. I...
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    Raikan007 is back!

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone here still remembers me :) But decided to start playing FM after a good 3/4 year break. Still got FM14 on Steam so starting with that for now. Will see how it goes. Can't believe the guys have left me as a mod as well! Thats cool! Hope you are well! Cheers, Neil
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    PSN Usernames

    Hey guys, Not back but still check in once and again :) if you keen to add me on Psn Raikan007 and we can play some co op or Fifa or something Regards, Neil
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    Good day everyone. It has been a while since I have been on the site but I am always here :) I am extremely proud to be a part of this music platform that will revolutionize the way you live your life regarding your music... Music brings us all together, it defines moments, expresses our...
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    Fernando Monetti - Gimnasia (LP) (cheap good keeper)

    Name: Fernando Monetti Club: Gimnasia (LP)Nationality: Argentinian Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: Reflexes Command of Area Weaknesses: Maybe eccentricity I found this guy earlier today when searching the world for more unknown players, he is cheap and has kept 3...
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    Raikan007's "Complete Madness" FM14 version BETA

    Good day everyone, I have managed to find a little bit of time over the past few days to play Fm14 and started a save with Benfica :) I want your guys input, people who know more about the ME and tactics on Fm14 than I do :) I never intended to try and recreate the successful Complete Madness...
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    Raikan007 Retirement

    Hey guys, It's with a very heavy heart that I will be retiring from FM indefinitely, I have been unable to give the game and community the time and energy it deserves and as much as I used to over the many years... Life is very busy with work and my new business and I just dont have the time...
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    Real Sociedad - 1st season - 1st transfer window ?2.8m

    Hey guys, seeing as though I have been out of it for sometime and do not have the time anymore to sit and scour the world (not yet anyway) I was wondering if you bright individuals could recommend a few players for me? I am really looking for a good striker (poacher) as I play Vela out wide or...
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    FM14 Request a Player Screenshot (please use instead of starting a new thread)

    Good day everyone, Please use this thread to request a screenshot of a player you would like to see at the start in the future to see how he has developed... Example: Raheem Sterling in 2016 please Kind regards, Neil
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    What roles/duties/instructions suit my player thread

    Good day, welcome to Fm-base and Fm14 This thread should be used to ask for advice on players roles and positions that best suit the players stats! For example: Neymar Answer: "I have had him best play as a poacher, with high freedom but he can also play as inside forward - attack"...
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    Fm14 Deal or No Deal thread: Please use when asking if you should buy player x or y

    Please stick to the following template below. Anyone is free to reply to peoples posts, but don't just reply for the sake of it. Suggesting replacements/alternatives is useful as well. Template: Player: Javi Martinez Team you are managing: Liverpool Team who are buying/selling: Bayern...
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    Aleksandar Mitrovic - Anderlecht

    Name: Aleksandar Mitrovic Club: Anderlecht Nationality: Serbian Position: Striker Strengths: [*=center]strength [*=center]determination [*=center]all physical stats [*=center]first touch [*=center]dribbling [*=center]off the ball [*=center]penalties [*=center]heading...
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    Newcastle United 1st season 1st window - £8m

    Hey guys, after 3 months or more without touching Fm I have decided to start a save again :) I decided with Newcastle on LFC's update I could be getting quite a bit in after selling a few players, so lets say £25m to be safe for now I am swapping Marveux for John Ruddy as I need a good backup...
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    Bård Finne - Brann

    Bård Finne Brann Striker Norwegian Found this guy yesterday, can be picked up for 160k at the start of the game from Brann He looks a very decent prospect as well! Anyone seen him or bought him?
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    Asking players for suggestions

    Does anyone here ask their players for advice on who to buy? And if so, has anyone found a really good player that you have never heard of or never thought of?
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    Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PS3

    Good day to you all! I live in South Africa and for some reason we did not get the Prepare to Die edition of my favourite game of all time! I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding it in their country etc and possibly sending it to me? I will pay for everything myself. If you...
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    Raikan007's Borussia Dortmund: Jurgen Klopp's Recreation tactic 13.3.3

    Formation and Instructions: Match results and league table Man United: Match results and league table Udinese: Tactic information & tips: I barely use any shouts but if you are away from home you can use: clear ball to flanks pass into space if you are at home you can use...
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    Udinese loans/co ownerships

    After watching Udinese on the weekend and after having a great spell with them on Fm11 I have decided to start a new long term save with them on Fm13... I just had a few questions to anyone who has managed them before, or anyone else for that matter... 1) what happens at the end of the season...
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    John Stones - Everton

    John Stones Everton Central defender/right back English Not sure if everyone knows about this guy, he is a great defender and has loads of potential, can play at CB and FB naturally.. Future screenshot (AI development)