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    Hi FM Base. Havent had much time to play FM19 but I wanted to make a new RaumdeuterParty tactic which worked so well for me in Fm16, The initial idea was to have two Raumdeuters causing havoc upfront, but I can't make it click so settled on this formation/idea instead I know it looks a bit...
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    The Regista Party

    So, with FM19 just around the corner, this will be my last tactic for FM18. I just thought this one was too good not to share, well at least for my team. It's an offensive possesion tactic but with lower tempo. Loads of goals and stable in defense. Here's the lineup. TI's League table so...
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    Malmø FF - Nice results and beautiful play.

    Had a fun Malmø FF save with this tactic(and variations of it). It was so succesful that I thought I would share it with you guys. Its a 433 formation lined up as this Team instructions are There are some key elements that I think is vital for this tactic to work. First of all you need a...
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    Graungaard Tika Taka - Fast possesion tactic

    Okay, so I havent had a lot of time to play FM this year, but I'm having a lot of fun with this tactic. I'm not saying it's the best tactic resultwise but I still manage to lead the league with a team consisting most of homegrown players(I love to develop talent and then sell them on - my...
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    A New Hope - Beautiful possesion football with great results - UPDATED FORMATION

    IMPORTANT! I have updated the tactic. See post #16 Here's the download link to the new version. It seems to work quite better for me at least. ANewHope4 So. Got a little tired of all the 3 striker/3 defender tactics, so I played a long time with Mirels 4411 Roma Renaissance(GREAT...
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    MartinsLibero - My first libero tactic for FM18

    Hey guys. I'm having huge succes with this libero 3-4-3ish tactic. Won promotion from Serie B with Ascoli(predicted 21st) and tried it with Barca and AaB as well with great succes. I wont go too much into details, but state a few things. Libero must be good in the air and have great vision to...
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    Attacking Counter - Offensive mentality 42121

    Hey fellow nerds. I have great succes with this offensive counter formation. Looking solid in defense, and with quick transition to attack. Left winger needs pace, and so does the defensive forward. The regista is vital to make this tactic work wonders, as far as I see it. Used the new mezzala...
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    Targetmania - Targetman tactic

    Think this will be my last tactic of FM17. Wanted to make a great targetman tactic, and I think this tactic is lots of fun and easy to build a squad around. Created the base for this tactic with MSK Zilina in the slovakian league and improved it with Aston Villa in the Championship. Both teams...
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    Hello friends. Time for an updated version of a tactic I keep returning to. Its the WideTargetKillsIt tactic which I made to see if I could make the Wide Targetman role shine, and I think it was a succes. I've been building a squad around the tactic and have made alot changes from player...
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    Diamond442 - Underdog tactic

    By now we all know that the ME favours 3 at the back and preferably strikerless formations, but I wanted to make a classic 442 diamond. I made the tactic with an underdog team, so the tactic is very much based on the fact that I had limited players available. We play with defensive mentality and...
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    Hello fellow nerds. A friend of mine asked if I could make an updated version of RaumdeuterParty a tactic that performed really well in FM16(I made the tactic in an Ajax save). So i started working on it and I think I just created my new favourite tactic. It's not gegenpressing or extreme high...
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    AalborgBK - Not another strikerless tactic

    Grew a little tired of all the strikerless tactics, so I decided to make a tactic which features a proper striker(False9). If you dont like the false9 role, then I'm sure a poacher, deep lying forward og maybe a trequartista will work as well. Of course I wanted to incorporate my two favourite...
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    OK. I wasnt going to upload another tactic for a long time, but this one is just too good and too fun to watch not to share. It high pressing, fast forward play with lots of runs forward. Unlike most strikerless tactics here, it's a wide and not narrow tactic. Here's the line up A sweeper...
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    Martinos Regista Magic

    This is a possesion based tactic with slow build up play combined with some players who dribble from time to time to create overload and chances. Its my first tactic in which I used the defensive striker with succes. The tactic is a 4-4-2 hybrid. The enganche is almost a deep lying striker...
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    CUTTHROAT - Loads of Clear cut chances!

    Wanted to make a tactic with a lot of CCCs and I think i've succeded quite well! Goals coming from ALOT of through balls. Lineup. SWK - Must be good at one on ones and commanding the area if possible IWBs - Use right footed on left side and vice versa. Good ppms are cuts inside and tries...
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    The Subtle Libero - Just try it, man!

    Okay, so I've have worked for quite a while on this Libero tactic. At one point it incorporated a Wide Target Man and a Regista, but i ended up with this hybrid version of a 343 tactic. It just plays so well with quick passing and a lot beautiful build up play. I often use a Libero in my tactics...
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    WideTargetKillsIt - Wide Target Man Tactic

    SO, I've never made a decent tactic that employs a wide target man, so that was the task for this tactic. After alot of tweaking I'm finally happy with it defensively and offensively. First important thing is that the central attacking mid to the right is set to man mark left back and the wide...
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    Penalties in lower leagues

    Am I the only thinking this is a huge problem? I get one or two penalties against me pr game in the 2.danish div(3rd div). I never get awarded any. Its simply just getting retarded.
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    This tactic is working wonders for me, in the lowest Danish league. It makes my Vejgaard team play like Barca. I've been struggling to find a decent tactic in this save until I came up with this. I've tried several tactics from this forum but none of them really clicked. This one does. Its a...
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    Wide Target Man

    Tried several times to create a tactic based on making the wide target man role work, but not to too much succes. Has anybody created a great tactic with this role?