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    Is this the record for mot shots in a game

    Ive always wondered whats the record for most shots in a game in fm, i saw i had this in my screenshots so i thought id post.
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    WJ or anyone, i score alot but concede too much.

    its essentially a high pressure system, i win the ball as quickly as i can. then the whole team bar the centre halfs push up. i get about 5 or 6 in the box and 2 lurking outside with the fulbacks supporting. scores many and i dominate. but i feel if i didnt have good centrehalves then any ball...
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    problem with non eu quota

    im currently playing as as monaco and ligue 1 has a non eu quota of 4. however im over by one, but i was waiting for lucas ocampos to gain nationality so he would count, he has gained monaco nationality but it states he see no benefit. i am now being forced to sell him and face a backlash...
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    hey bit of a problem with my regen.

    Im currently playing as plymouth in league 2 and to my surprise in my first youth intake despite having not that good youth recruitment i pull a gem. only problem is he probably wont realise his potential due to my poor youth and training facilities. as you can see fro his training report it...
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    problem with player stats

    hi there guys just wanted to ask how can i take the guesstimate thingy of player stats as it has become rather annoying p.s haven't played fm since 2012 so a bit rusty. does it matter that my team is a lower league team which might be the reason
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    funny thing back in fm 12 that i forgot to post.

    the guy scored 3 own goals. p.s he was not a real player. it was those greyed out players
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    help with preferred moves for my striker.

    hey guys just wanted to know, i got this regen in my save i just wanted to know what preferred moves are good for his stats. the scout report says he should be played as a deep lying forward if so what are the best preferred moves for a deep lying forward.