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    A Swedish Dream - To Win it all

    Great that you play with the mist beutyful team in the world. The greatest planera we have are Torbjörn ”God” Nilsson, noone scored more goals than him in the european cups in the 80s. Glenn Hysén leauge champion with Liverpool. I miss the times when were a top club in europe. This year we just...
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    Leyton Orient

    I have played 3 seasons with Leyton Orient, and have reach 3 stragiht promotions. So in 3 years I have manged them from National Leauge to The Championship. I dont have money but I have to strengen my squad on probably every position. Anyone have a good recomendation?
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    Leauge 2

    Hi, I gonna start a save with a Leauge 2 team, can anyone help me with a Good tactic?
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    Promoted to Bundesliga

    I have won promotion with Union Berlin to Bundesliga, I looking for cheap players my budget are small. Or for players with contract expiery.
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    I have just start a new save with Union Berlin i 2 Bundesliga. I have a very small transferbudget just 280 000£, i want to sign a striker. Anyone here have a reccomendation?
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    Derby 2nd season

    I gonna start the second season with Derby and I need a good Central Defender and a Good young central midfielder. I have around 10 million £ left to spend. Have anyone tried to buy Jamie Allen for Rochdale? Can he be a good cheap buy? Just costs around 1 million £ I have alreade bohugt this...