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    Fifa 433 Enganche

    vladpony uploaded Fifa 433 Enganche Leave feedback below.
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    Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352

    vladpony uploaded Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352 Leave feedback below.
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    Mourinho Real Madrid recreation v2 remake

    vladpony uploaded Mourinho Real Madrid recreation v2 remake Leave feedback below.
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    Mourinhos Real Madrid

    vladpony uploaded Mourinhos Real Madrid Leave feedback below.
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    FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation

    vladpony uploaded FM Beta Man City tactic Guardiola recreation Leave feedback below.
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    FM 2012 poacher abuse tactic

    vladpony uploaded FM 2012 poacher abuse tactic Leave feedback below.
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    Bayern Munich 2012/2013 treble winning

    vladpony uploaded Bayern Munich 2012/2013 treble winning Leave feedback below.
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    Guardiola Man City 433

    Hello guys so i wanted to share a tactic i posted like 2 months ago on steam forum....Now i made the pressing forward a complete forward and its working good i think i dont have the best results yet but i am tweaking it mid season and as u can see i can win vs very good opposition then lose to...
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    4231 DLP(SUP)+CM (D) beta+main working

    Hi guys so i wanted to share this i created today i play it with Man City i deployed in half of the season and after first few matches im now 10 matches unbeaten 7 won in a row without conceding a goal. I play this tactic on beta but it can work in normal version too i think. Its evolution from...
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    Tactic for Man City 2020

    vladpony uploaded Tactic for Man City 2020 Leave feedback below.
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    Attacking , creative 4231

    Hello guys another tactic i want to share here is this 4231. Its based on Dortmund style high pressing high defensive line. U can adjust the DMS to CMS it can be beneficial but then AMC has less space to operate. Try if u like
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    Island + Croatia WC 2018

    Hello guys i post here now and then now i got for u tactic Island from WC 4231 version i have also 442 if u want got me promotion with Crystal Palace won cup first season got into quarter of UEFA second season. With the Croatia tactic i won CL with Arsenal right when i transfered from CP so...
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    4-3-3 All out attack ME breaking

    Hello guys so i found out another tactic for fm 13 its basically 433 with overlapping fullbacks set to all out attack, max creativity. I won all competitions with Ajax Amsterdam first season. Only bought 3 players ( Bacca, who wasnt eligible for UCL anyway, Ryan Donk not eligible also, and...
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    Real Madrid CL Final

    Hello guys so as i promised , one of many promises that i share Reals Tactic from Cl final and my final version is this if u have some suggestion feel free to add. Then if u think its not right or i have missed something also please edit the tactic and post edited version I updated the tactic...
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    Mazzarri`s 3-6-1 Napoli tactic

    Hi guys i just want to share with you new tactic because i miss the times when Mazzarri trained Napoli. So i decided to recreate one of his tactics, the basic one. Its based mainly from zonalmarkings analysis and mine memories of the plays and goals. Its not hard tactic, i say medium skill wise...
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    Club Atlético de Madrid, SAD 4231 EZ

    Hello guys wanted to share my solid tactic with u hope u enjoy if u have any suggestions how to improve i would be happy if u post, or just change the tactic and upload it here can be fun. I see some Koreans posting here if they can give some feedback will be great(just kidding).... Its only...
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    Fm 2013 transfer update (2016-2017)

    Ok i wanted to wait until transfer window is done.