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  1. Rober82

    Biggest exploit in 2o years?

    This game is so broken I am lost for words. Have a look! PS! I hope it's ok posting this even if from another site. It's so huge.
  2. Rober82

    UNBEATEN! RDFs Tiki Taka by Pep Guardiola replication! FM20 Tactics

    This is @RDF tactics first video, and oh boy is it a great one. You can learn a lot about how he thinks tactically, and what he wants from the different Team instructions. Recreating Peps Barca, playing tikitaka for the ones who love it. This was a request, and boy did he deliver. Have a look...
  3. Rober82

    Rober, Cadoni and RDFs Man Marking guide for FM 20.

    Hello again lads! Hope you liked the training guide, we are back again this time with a man marking guide. This story began a month ago or so, when fooling around with man marking and finding some strange results. I think maybe it was Cadoni who started it, and the rest of us built on that...