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    4-4-2-Modern Target man by Vujevic

    vujevic uploaded 4-4-2-Modern Target man by Vujevic Leave feedback below.
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    SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic

    Vujevic uploaded SI are Amateurs-4-2-2-2-by Vujevic Leave feedback below.
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    Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back!

    vujevic uploaded Vujevic tactics with 3 man at back! Leave feedback below.
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    Vujevic Pro Tactics with 3 man at back!

    Like every year this will be my topic with my tactics and my you tube carriers. As you can see I was playing with Everton and tested my tactics for Beta I won title without any transfers. Calwert and James were injured for entire season so it was funny save and I done some games on twich for...
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    3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic

    vujevic uploaded 3-5-2-Mid Dominator by Vujevic Leave feedback below.
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    Norwich won Premiership in first season 95 points 3-4-1-2-Libero Dominator-by Vujevic

    3-4-1-2-LIBERO DOMINATOR-by Vujevic Due to warios reasons(absence from home,shity FM 19) I finaly started to play Fm on Cristmas day.Like every year there is no any progress with match engine,they only adding stupid features what I never use. People who watch my You Tube videos the know...
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    Bournemouth won double DEPORTIVO WON LA LIGA 3-4-1-2-Pirate Poacher fm18 by Vujevic This tactic is not perfect also I menaged to have correct type of players to make this to work. Next week starting again with My You Tube carriers probably I will pick some small...
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    My Wattford tactical experiments where I am fighting for Premiership in first season

    Wattford-tactical experiments Hello guys my name is Meraklija Vujevic and I am guy who is every year creating tactics on this forum. I am the guy who thinks that in first season even with worst team I can be in top 4 in every division. To achieve this every year I create my tactics what are...
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    You Tube-TORINO to top 3 in first season.

    Today I will start with Torino,like alvays my minimum expectation will be Champions leauge spot in first season. Entire season will be on my You Tube chanel.
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    Aston Villa in Top 4 in first season.

    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUIgZvHn21BKtJfChvRm9r-8tJ0dsl5OL Entire season with small guide on You Tube.
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    4-4-2- INVERTED-Leicester won Premiership in first season

    This tactic have diferent aproach then curent tactics on forum,I dont like clasic wingers so I created this. I dont use comon roles for my wide players,I wanted to have more players involved in mid and to have more defensive cohesion in back line. First 10 games i playedwith one striker then...
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    3-4-2-1-Seven from eleven FM16 by Meraklija Vujevic

    3-4-2-1 Team Brazil that is in a similar formation convincingly won the World Championship in Japan and Korea was my inspiration. I was able to create the attacking tactic where in many situations there are 7 players in the opponent penalty box, where my two side players scoring easy goals...
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    Swapping tactic-West Ham won Premiership in first season

    WEST HAM WON PREMIERSHIP IN FIRST SEASON I am always been fan of this Brazilian formation, so for FM15 I created this. It is very trilling and attacking formation who heavily focuses on 4 attacking players who all the time swap positions and play some type of Futsal in...
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    3-4-2-1-Seven from eleven- by Meraklija

    A few days ago I came home and I decided to play FM again, I wanted to be re-create some sort of tactic that will not have classical wingers. I chose Everton game that has two excellent side player, I picked the formation 4-2-2-2 and started to play.After few rounds I was not satisfied with the...
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    4-2-2-2-Four playmakers tactic by Meraklija Vujevic (WBA won Premiership)

    4-2-2-2-FOUR PLAYMAKERS TACTIC Few days ago I decided to play with 14.3 patch and try to implement tactic for my favorite formation 4-2-2-2. Also I tried to implement some new ideas,what are not common for this type of formation.Like on my other topics tactic will be tested with few clubs and...
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    4-4-2-fm14-Balkan style by Meraklija Vujevic

    4-4-2-fm14-Balkan style by Meraklija Vujevic With new patch 14.2 I decided to start playing Fm again and create similar tactic what I used in previous version...
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    4-4-2-Balkan style won Premiership with Newcastle in first season.

    4-4-2-Balkan style by Meraklija Vujevic Before few days I decided to play with Newcastle,big club with decent amount of money but with bad owner and bad managers.When I created this tactic my priority have been to fit it for current Newcastle squad.Regarding my Newcastle team I signed...
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    Plug and play3-4-1-2-vinngbacks and poachers by Meraklija Vujevic

    3-4-1-2 Hello my fellow managers this is my new tactic,again I made tactic with 2 poachers and with no wingers in team.My basic idea was to create simple tactic with no any special instructions during the match to keep it wery simple and easy to play for average managers.This tactic requires...
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    Peterborough after 2 seasons qualified to Champion league-4-2-2-2-false defence.

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    Max Clayton 32 goals in first season

    My biggest success is 18 year old striker who lifted my club to Premiership. He plays poacher role,and i use 2 strikers all of the time. Max Clayton Club: Crewe D.O.B: 18 Nationality: English Position: Striker Strengths: pace finishing composure speed Weaknesses: strength aerial ability...