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  1. Tobey Mason

    An Idiots Guide To Manchester United

    AN IDIOTS GUIDE TO MANCHESTER UNITED Chapter 1 I was laid out on the beach, it was 32 degrees, I had a Piña Colada in one hand and a bag of assorted skittles in the other. Life was bliss! The Florida sunshine beat down on me and I could feel the Vitamin D revitalizing me. I was like a BIG...
  2. Tobey Mason

    Becks Is BACK!

    BECKS IS BACK FM20 EXPERIMENT EPISODE 1 David Beckham is BACK! This FM20 Experiment showcases how Beckham's Footballing career could have gone in the modern era! ➡️LINK - ➡️ SUBSCRIBE LINK - shorturl.at/ouN68 Will David reach the dizzy heights he hit in real life or is he destined for a...
  3. Tobey Mason

    Tottenham Hotspur | Trophy Hunter

    Football Manager 2020 | SPURS | Ep 1 | THE HUNT FOR TROPHIES BEGINS | FM20 ➡️ LINK - Welcome to Episode 1 of this Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) Trophy Hunter Series! The main aim... Well... To win trophies of course. Today we sign our FIRST Player and look at setting up our long term plan! This...
  4. Tobey Mason

    The Premier League Billionaire Experiment

    Welcome to this astonishing Football Manager 2020 YouTube Experiment... Every Premier League team gets a £1 BILLION cash injection in this Football Manager 2020 Experiment. LINK TO VIDEO ➡ In This FM 20 Experiment who do YOU think will use their money REMEMBER TO HASHTAG in the comments...
  5. Tobey Mason

    Chairman Save this year?

    Hey guys Is anyone willing to do a Chairman Save this year?
  6. Tobey Mason

    The Interactive YOUTUBE Dream Team - Sign Up NOW!

    The Premier League YOUTUBE Dream Team! Are YOU trying to find an inclusive Dream Team League? Do you thrive on becoming a Dream Team WINNER or do you just want to spend 100M on football players? Well the most immersive Dream Team league is only a few clicks away... (See Below) Football...
  7. Tobey Mason

    I need an exploit Tactic

    Hey guys... Which Tactic utilises the Exploits of this year. I have played a lot of Saves this year and just fancy a game with the Exploits? Are they good?
  8. Tobey Mason

    Manchester City | What Happened Next | The Interactive Series

    Manchester City | What Happened Next | The Interactive Series Manchester City start this series in the 2019/20 season. Can they reclaim the Premier League & Carabao Cup? Can they go on to finally take the Champions League crown! This series IS interactive... YOU have to get involved... Let me...
  9. Tobey Mason

    The start of the 2019 season

    Is there a database that I can download that will start off as if its the 2019 / 2020 season.
  10. Tobey Mason

    Best Barcelona Tactic

    Guys I want to play as a Barcelona but want a hugely dominating possession tactic. What is the best Barcelona tactic in this style. This is just so I can relax and take the stress away from my Southampton save lol. Want to go back to how Barcelona played with Xavi and Iniesta (Over 100 Passes...
  11. Tobey Mason

    Anyone doing a Chairman save this year?

    The last few years have had some awesome chairman saves... I would run it but being in fulltime education, two kids and a wife It's impossible. Happy to take part tough.
  12. Tobey Mason

    Football Manager 2019 Experiments Series

    HEY GUYS AND GIRLS & ALL YOU FOOTBALL FANS AROUND THE WORLD (SOCCER FOR YOU YANKS) e I hope this can stay in the stories section as each post will feature a story in itself.. Well it will guide you to my YouTube channel where you can watch the Craziness unfold... 2 This however will be a...
  13. Tobey Mason

    Real Madrid Lets Play Series (The most Interactive FM19 Series Ever!)

    Real Madrid Lets Play Youtube Series (The Interactive FM19 Series Ever!) EPISODE 1 - THE NEW GALACTICO ERA Welcome one and all to my BRAND NEW Real Madrid Football Manager series... Here we will enter into a new Galactico era and see how life is affected after the departure of Cristiano...
  14. Tobey Mason

    Southampton FC - Saving The Saints

    COME AND JOIN IN WITH MY SOUTHAMPTON FC INTERACTIVE LETS PLAY SERIES OVER ON YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sULPq7gjVA Come and join us as we attempt to SAVE THE SAINTS!... There not having a great season in reality but can I do anything to help save Southampton from relegation...
  15. Tobey Mason

    Southampton U23's and Under 18's Face Cutout

    Is anyone able to cut out the Under 23's and Under 18's for Southampton. In the style of the Mega Pack Cut out images. (So just their heads) I would whole heartedly appreciate this! I will even mention you in my YouTube series I will make! Under 23's https://southamptonfc.com/u23s Under 18's...
  16. Tobey Mason


  17. Tobey Mason

    Atlético Madrid - Lets Play

    ​THIS IS ALSO A YOUTUBE SERIES GUYS WITH SOME INSANE GRAPHICS! YOUTUBE LINK - https://youtu.be/c9JJVuG_sww Atlético Madrid - Welcome To Madrid! Club Atlético de Madrid, commonly known as Atlético Madrid, or simply as Atlético or Atleti, is a Spanish professional football club based in...
  18. Tobey Mason

    Story Of The Month

    This is just a quick shout out to any moderators still on this site... It seems to have died down a lot recently (Especially stories) any chance you guys could bring back story of the week/month and various other things. Tactic of the month, kit of the month. These were all popular a few years...
  19. Tobey Mason

    Premier League Chairman Game.... (If There's Enough Interest)

    PREMIER LEAGUE CHAIRMAN GAME! Hey guys... I've been championing for a Chairman game for a while now... One hasn't appeared and I understand people are busy... Well guess what... I'm going to attempt to do one myself. It will be a English Premier League Chairman Game and 19 slots will be...
  20. Tobey Mason

    Football Manager - The Dugout

    Football Manager - The Dugout Facebook Page. A place to talk all things football manager. Share gaming experiences and info about the game, stories, tactics you name it! Everybody is extremely welcome!