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    Knap 4231 Tweak

    Hello, I think this tactic deserves a thread, it's the best tactic for me with OM 2020/2021. The original tactic is "Knap", the user "Giraffin" has made a tweak, all credits are for them. Tactic: Ligue 1: All results: Some games: Goals/Assists: Some players: Link:
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    2-3-2-3-0 (Tested: Empoli 4th ; Watford: 2nd ; Barcelona: 169 goals)

    Hello, I found some time ago a tactic on a Korean forum and after several tests, I think it's a good tactic. I just add little things like OI's, etc. The credit goes to the person who created this tactic. (Sorry for your pseudo) PS: I'm sorry for the language on the screens, the language is in...