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  1. TopHill

    Implied Zero á la Hofland maar dan beter

    it's this with this tactic on OP you destroyed everything with Zlatan ?
  2. TopHill

    Implied Zero á la Hofland maar dan beter

    Hi ! Is it for ME 21.5 ?
  3. TopHill

    Let's talk about Tactic Testing for FM21

    Hi guys, how do we know in the test if the tactic is for ME 21.5 our ME 21.4 ?
  4. TopHill

    The Dynamic Duo

    Looks very interesting to hold a score isnt it ?
  5. TopHill


    hi Guys, how do we know in your testing section if a tactic is for ME 21.5 or ME 21.4 ?
  6. TopHill

    Where are Knap's Tactics™?

    Good decision guys. He creates 1000000 tactics a day anyway, it's quite impossible to follow, and honestly, on this opus, he didn't manage to create a game breaker one. No one is bigger than the game;-)
  7. TopHill

    The Professor Ralf Rangnick's Red Bulls 4-2-2-2

    First game plug and play with Milan : LOL
  8. TopHill

    FM21 (4-3-2-1)@[email protected] v-1 172-159

    Amazing tactic man. Not so good in test, but it's very very good for me with different saves
  9. TopHill

    FM 20.4(4-3-3)@[email protected]

    v3 working on fm 21 ?
  10. TopHill

    FM20.4.4 Tweak Cerber v-5

    @lisa- you satisfied with this tac ?
  11. TopHill

    Rinus Michels - Total Football - by kun

    Tactic has been very inconsistant for me. (the 4231). With Dortmund, win a game 5-0 and then losing 5-0.
  12. TopHill

    Goals Galore

    First game with it plug & play, playing as Dortmund season 1, mercato not open :
  13. TopHill

    fm 20.4.1 (4-3-2-1) @red [email protected]

    can't find it on fmscout. Someone can post this V2 here ?
  14. TopHill

    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    the one from OP.
  15. TopHill

    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    Theone from OP when you click "donwload"
  16. TopHill

    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    First game plug and play, no training to the tactic before the game :
  17. TopHill

    PASS & GO Simple 451 tactic ( Burnley 2nd first season / Panathinaikos and Arsenal Champions 1st )

    Enjoying this tactic too. Very rare this year to play with Inside Forwards ans realistic formation !