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  1. J

    4312 Hard Press

    JAMBOOLIA uploaded 4312 Hard Press Leave feedback below.
  2. J

    41212 Narrow Diamond. Chelsea won league. Fulham 6th.

    JAMBOOLIA uploaded 41212 Narrow Diamond. Chelsea won league. Fulham 6th. Leave feedback below.
  3. J

    442 Target Man

    JAMBOOLIA uploaded 442 Target Man Leave feedback below.
  4. J

    Jack Rodwell

    Has anybody else noticed how awful he becomes in the past couple versions of FM?
  5. J

    Clear cut chances

    Does anyone know if there is a way to check how many clear cut chances your players have missed over the course of a season? I'm currently testing a tactic so i have been holidaying through the season to check how it's likely to perform and noticed the team was having like 6 clear cut chances...
  6. J

    Odd tactics

    Have you ever made a tactic that makes absolutely no logical sense but somehow it works and you're left asking yourself whether you're a genius or an idiot?
  7. J

    Really struggling with tactics

    Hi, I'm finding it really hard to make any tactic which doesn't seem to be useless at attacking or really weak defensively, I was fine at making tactics work on fm12 but fm13 I have struggled to make anything work, even if I don't adjust the sliders the team still don't seem to play brilliantly...
  8. J

    Training Help

    Hi, I am currently playing in my first season at Sampdoria which is going well other than the training for some reason player stats keep going down, Sampdoria have very good training facilities and such so i'm not sure why this is happening, I've got new coaches and every area in training has 3...
  9. J

    Parent Club help

    Is there a specific date your parent club will send you players? I'm on the 29th of july and haven't been sent any.