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    Kiira Rautio the woman of melting ice. Finnish are shy. And my titles must be long.

    Some years ago a Finnish girl that played in a game server I played in, told me there was this joke about Finnish people. It goes "what is the difference between an introvert Finnish and an extrovert Finnish?" "The introvert talks to you looking at his feet. The extrovert talks to you looking at...
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    Aleyna Demirel the slothful Turk.

    Presentation. While I was thinking on going back to a club save for FM18, something which I don't remember what is anymore, made me think this is even more a journeyman kind of edition. Also I've enjoyed the past journeyman saves quite a bit, so I'm making yet another journeyman save. As I...
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    Removing SI staff players and event thingie players

    FM has in their database members of the staff, what file should I delete? It looks like the ST_team_holland.edt, but would there be another? A couple versions past, SI made an event as part of the marketing campaign to add some people into the game. What files are those
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    From literal rags to worldwide fame. Yelizaveta's rise from the mud.

    In the poll I made in Katsumi Touko's story, another journeygirl won 2-1 over club save. While I'm yet to install that extra RAM, I decided to risk it and load every league, including my Tercera Activated database. This save I'm using three file rolling saves, weekly save, automated, plus the...
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    Spain Tercera Activated.

    I created the Tercera Activated database for Spain as every version. I've just activated it. I've done nothing regarding ensuring all teams will have working U19 teams or that they have assigned the rigth groups to be relegated/promoted to as that's a lot of work and I don't currently have the...
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    Full name fix?

    The one I have, not sure if the one I downloaded from Sortitoutsi or FMscout, still has three letters Brazilian teams. Is there out some with that solved? Thanks in advance.
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    Can't rate threads. Don't know how to undo something.

    I use Firefox. Some time ago, I rated a story. After that the pop up asking me if I wanted to block the site from running scripts. When I was to close it, my finger twitched just as hovering over the checkbox instructing it to block scripts. Now I can't rate threads. I've looked around for a...
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    No changing tactics or subbing during match

    I redownloaded FM12, as it's the last of the old type of ME, which is superior in many things in my opinion (this doesn't mean I'm not conceding the new the potential to be much better, or that I'm saying the current is bad). But when I'm in a match, there aren't any buttons to change tactics...
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    Thinking on new monitor and keyboard...

    I have my eyes set on one of either; but I'm going to give a chance to get sugestions as I'm not quite convinced with either. - Monitor: I hace a 17'' Dell SE175SWP or something like that. The placement is horrid at mid day hours, as then the sun is in my back on a light wall and I can't see...
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    Katsumi Touko The Smith of Pretty Victories.

    When release of the beta was approaching, I saw a tweet in which Miles Jacobson announced FM16 implemented some changes to manager reputation. Since I made a journey(wo)man career in FM15, in which the jump to Inter Milan felt like not very believable, I've thought I could see how it's changed...
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    Delete This

    Delete this
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    Spanis Tercera Active Basic

    Spanish Tercera Active Basic Has been uploaded to Steam Workshop. Spanish Tercera Active Basic v16.1.0 is the name. As always, promotion from Tercera is an approximation to real system as I don't know how to use the advanced editor, though I may try an update with the advanced at some point...
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    Many shots, few or no goals advice/answer

    I realized that in the past, many of those complaining threads on not winning games having a lot of shots or having only one or two goals after thirty or more shots, more than fifteen on target, there's a point that always pops up and I've never addressed if answering, so I thought I'd do it now...
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    Centerback closing down.

    There's something I don't know if it's a bug or if there's something I'm missing or don¡'t understand right. Duties for centreback are: Stopper - supposed to be more advanced or more willing to move up to close down opponents. Defend - sort of a balanced. Cover - drops a little deeper and...
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    Aiming to rage at press saying "the next Klopette". Ms Ackerman's journeyman career.

    Aiming to rage at press saying "the next Klopette". Ms Ackerman's journeyman career. Intro Because it seems giving a story a short title is an impossible mission for me. I was initially having the idea of making a Burgos save, since I haven't done one since FM11. But after a third of the...
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    Death Ball Spanish Complete

    - What is in the file Death Ball Spanish Complete v15.1.1[yaddayadda].fmf OR Death Ball Spanish Complete v15.2.0[yaddayadda].fmf Adds levels and teams to the Spanish nation using the basic editor. EDIT: 2/05/2015 Apparently incompatible with several other databases in ways I can't identify :(...
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    Languages, nationalities and sexism

    All they matter. I made a small experiment and showed the results in a video. Knowing certain language is more important than how many, knowing more is important once such language is known. Being of same nation as the club counts. Also some may not want a woman. Excuse my slow speech, I still...
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    A bit sf set pieces, just found something about throw ins

    This may be something 99% of people knew always and I've just discovered, just because lack of attention. Thing is, since I began playing FM I worked a little on set pieces strategy, not paying too much attention. Corners and free kicks I set up what seemed more logical, never getting any...
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    PC start up times

    My google-fu has failed, so I'm asking here: How long is for you, or should be, since pressing the start up button and finishing the load of the first application?. The times to start my PC have been going up progressively, most when there's been a Vista update since a year and half ago, and...
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    The pinkies are needed for a beautiful hand. Palermo story

    The pinkies are needed for a beautiful hand. Palermo story then journeyman After a couple of failed attempts at starting something, because of the adaptation to the new system of tactical switches accesibility, I think I've finally found a save to get a story rolling. In FM09 I made a Crewe...