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    Editor Problems

    when editing new competition rules, like switzerland and when I test rules, a error comes saying cannot have teams linking to them using both next division and other division fields. any ideas how to fix it ?
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    Editing Ukrainian league not working?

    Error in nation rules...the following competitions cannot have teams linking to them using both next division and other division fields. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Anybody have this error before and fixed it ? Help is appreciated!!
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    Online Game Help

    If I start a online game with my younger brother can we both use the in-game editor ? I seem to have it but he doesn't, just wondering if this is possible for both people to have it ? thanks!!
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    FM15 will not launch!

    After the new update, FM15 will not go pass the loading screen, I have verified the game cache and tried re installed but still nothing, help is much appreciated!!
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    Can i buy the game from here ?

    So can i ? trying to find a good price!!
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    New ps4 Announcement

    PlayStation Meeting LIVE | GameTrailers Live Video Game Event Broadcast Here's a link to the new look at the ps4.
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    Beginners Guide to Football Manager.

    hey all, just thought i would share this for anybody to needs help with tactics as this a good guide for anybody who needs a insight into making a good tactic. Beginners Resource Pack | Push Them Wide
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    DF 11 facepack request!!

    hey everyone, just a quick question does anybody have the fd11 megapacks 1, 2, 3 ?, i would appreciate it if anybody would send them to my email because its taking a few days to download and i simply haven't got the time. sorry for a waste of a thread!!!
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    Corach's FM13 Player/Wonderkid Generator

    Please you template below. thanks :) Full Name: Common Name: Ethnicity: (Northern European, Mixed Race, African, ETC) Hair Colour: Skin Tone: (1=White, 20=Black) D.O.B: Birth City: Nationality: CA: PA: International Apps: (Main/u21s) (Be realistic for you age/ability) International Goals...