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    Important Tip for using Inverted Wing Backs(I had it COMPLETELY WRONG)

    What penalty are you talking about? If you mean the star rating for roles or the green circles from previous years, they don't mean ****. It's just a visual representation for a player's 'best role'. Only attributes affect how a player will fare in a specific role.
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    BJT BALL - FM21 (x14 systems), new 253 system (+110GD)

    @BJT which tactic do you recommend for a newly promoted team in La Liga?
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    Predicted to finish last in the league. Got 6 wins in a row with the 4141. Won 3-0 against Real Madrid.
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    FM20: Frustration and Rage Thread

    I got warned and muted for a day for 'insulting another forum member'. All I did was criticizing the game in a constrictive manner, like the mods say, but clearly SI doesn't like its game to be criticized, so they invent fake reasons. I sent them a message so they can point me in the right...
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    New boss will sack me

    Hi all. I'm playing a save managing Nottingham Forest, first season, doing great in league/cups and there's a consortium that wants to buy the club. I just got a message that if the takeover will be successful, the new boss will appoint some unemployed manager. I started the save with the...
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    Nottingham Forest takeover

    I'm in first season November 2016 and a guy just bought Nottingham Forest and gave me 30mil pounds for transfers, also the wage budget has doubled, making available 200k/w++. I need a young DC and a young right footed MC. . The MC should be capable to both attack and defend. Any suggestions...
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    I just got hit by a hard brexit in november 2018. Can someone that has editor help me to remove it from my save please?
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    How do you know which regen will develop into a world class player? How do you guys know that a regen is a good signing for the future? Star rating? Attributes? I'm a little lost as I don't know which players to sign. I am looking every month on the world youth intake and ask my scouts to send...
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    Hi. I bought Kuki for Nottingham Forest and I am curios in what position and role do you play him? AML, AMC or ST? He's natural in both AMC and ST, but I untrained his ppm plays with back to goal because I'm stupid.
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    Director of football

    Hi guys. Do You use a director of football? I'm currently in second season with Nottingham Forest in Premier League. What are the responsabilities of a director of football and for what to use him?
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    Tactic with AML/AMR

    Hey guys. Can someone recommend me a good tactic with wide attacking midfielders like wingers or inside forwards? I'm playing with Nottingham Forest.