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    Players attributes going down

    Hi guys, i dont know if its just me, but in 2018 with Chelsea. Each Month im getting the training report whos done bad and so on... And i seem to have alot more of my key players going down in their attributes than before? Am i doing something wrong? - Wrong coaches ? or is just me being...
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    Loan question

    Hi guys, i have a few regens. My question is if i loan my players out - Will they not get the tag "Trained by Chelsea in 3 years from their 17 to their 21 year old birthday?
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    After patch your Wingers/Inside forwards score less goals?

    Am i the only one who have noticed your Wingers doesnt score that much goals anymore? - Last season before the patch Eden Hazard had 25 goals in 50 apperances. After the patch now he has 5 in 20 games. Anyone else noticed your wingers is less scoring after the patch?
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    First team players available to reserve team

    Hi i have miss clicked, that some of my players where allowed to play reserve football, So now alot of my first team players are available to the reserves? - How do you take that off? - cant find the option
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    Need 8+ British players

    Hi to play in the priemer league your squads needs to have 8 people trained in a club in england. How do you get around this in the later years? - Example im in 2017. And im only having 6 on my team atm, and i see this as a big problem because i cant have all my players regristered then. How...
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    Neymar wants sick wages - 2016 Chelsea

    Hi, i got neymar on a wage for 80k / week - Very cheap i know. Thing is he hasnt really been performing for me, and have been on the bench rotating with Mata/Schurlle - Hazard have been complety outshining him on the left wing. So he sits on the spot. Now the little poor boy scored 2 goals in...
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    Young anchorman for Chelsea 2016

    Looking for a Young Anchorman, currently have khedira but i need a Young guy to rotate my squad abit i have tried m'vila but Porto wants more than 60 million pounds, i wont pay that for him Any ideas? Sandro wont come too i'd Like a phsychial monster, but he cant be retarded with the Ball...
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    Central Midfielder for chelsea 2016

    Hi guys Playing chelsea , with a 4-3-3 Formation Currently have Khedira - Anchorman Ramires/Milner (Central midfielder - Support) Wilshere/Oscar (Advanced playmaker - Support) However Millner just got a injury for 8 months............... - And he is 29 so i think he is gone. Wont return...
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    Need a defender for Chelsea 2015

    Need a Quick defender for Chelsea in 2015 i've sold Luiz ... So he needs to play beside Dede, He needs to be Quick because im playing a High D-Line, needs to be good in the stopper role aswell, as im playing the Nike défense Any tips Would be great cheers
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    Cant get my strikers scoring after patch ?

    Anyone Else struggling to get your strikers scoring? Im playing Chelsea and i cant really get my strikers going after patch Playing 4-2-3-1 and i've Got falcao, Torres , D BA playing as poacher all of Them any idea?
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    Striker for Chelsea first season in the Winter window

    ****... Torres is just not performing, I'd also bought D Ba not performing aswell... In my Other i've had Ledowandowski, Cavani , On other saves, wasnt good either ... :( Which striker should i get to perform in the PL? For a chelsea team Currently playing 4-2-3-1 With Hazard - Mata -...
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    How to play Chelsea in FM2013?

    I'm a Chelsea fan, And i want to make a save with Chelsea, However this year we clearly have the Players for a 4-2-3-1 I'm not a very huge fan of that Formation tbh, i think it leaves to many gabs and things, and i have never been succesfully playing it tbh... I like a 4-3-3 Very much, With...
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    Best record you've ever had in conceding goals?

    Wasup guys, Wondering how you guys are doing in defense after the new patch :) My best so far is 21... So very solid i guess, but i also score alot of goals. What is your best season so far? conceding wise. Also how do you set up your defense in case :) MERRY CHRISTMAS
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    How do your set your Defensive roles and line?

    Hello fellas, I'm playing Chelsea 4-2-3-1 Scoring alot of goals, but also conceding alot of goals. Currently playing with a Ball winning midfielder on the midfield and a DLP My back line is Alaba - Wing back Att Luiz - Limited defender - Defend Cheillini Ball playing defender - Defend...
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    Overloaded with decent Offensive midfielders

    Hi I'm currently Chelsea in Second season. Im playing 4-2-3-1 Currently i have as Advanced Playmaker - Oscar / Mata / Isco to swap with. Very nice already However i got the message today, that Mesut Ozil wanted to leave real. I just couldnt stop myself, i mean look at those beastly stats...
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    You know this game needs a new patch when...

    You know this game needs a new patch when... Mikel as a MC (Ball Winning Midfielder) (Long shots set to never) a man who hasnt scored in almost 180 games IRL in the priemer league. And his long shots sucks ****. Scores 3 goals for you, on some ******* INSANE long shots. This is so fun! - In...
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    Eden Hazard

    Sup fellas, Played both Eden Hazard in FM12 And FM13 With Chelsea, Absolute beast, my best player with Mata always, Through i've always played him as a IF on the left wing. I've just done a new formation, which is 3 AM'S in the Middle ( Hazard / Oscar / Mata Oscar - Att Mid Mata - Adv...
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    Marco Reus?

    How is he in FM 13? anyone tried him?
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    ME patch this weekend?

    Any chance it could be coming this weekend? or think it will be extended to next week ?I'm dieing to play, but cant really get the motivation with these bugs atm :(
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    When the new patch comes?

    `Hi i wonder, when a new patch comes, do you have to start a new game in order for the new patch stuff to work for ya? or will it just adapt to your saved game?