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    Golden Eagles english lower league expanded to level 24

    I have expanded golden eagles english league down to lowest level of 24. i know there will be issues and it is unbelievably slow using all leagues but if someone else want to add what they want that's cool. all i have done is expand the leagues no extra cups added. english levels 24.dbc
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    Australian League FM2012

    Australian lower leagues FM2012 australia.dbc
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    Welsh Lower Leagues

    The Welsh Lower leagues FM2012 Wales lower leagues 2013.dbc
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    League of Ireland FM 2012

    Hi this the league of Ireland up to date for last season going down 18 division. I've holidayed for a few season and don't see any more issues. Ireland(1).dbc
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    All Clubs Moving Leagues After first season ends

    Hi ive created a data base of the league of ireland for all the local county leagues but after the first season all teams in certain levels move to into different leagues all over the country not just promoted and relegated teams. ive for certain leagues put in a town for the clubs a stadium...
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    New Republic of Ireland league greyed out so cant select

    Hi ive created a republic of Ireland league down to all local leagues down to level 14 but when i go to select it the league is greyed out with a yellow triangle beside it. i click on change when starting the game can anyone help me please. paul