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    Make your own vs downloaded tactics

    Hello to all,just wanted to get an idea where you stand on this debate?Not ashamed to say ive downloaded tactics in the past(special shout out mainly to jassar and tff for past successes)but really want to make my own from now on.Im not a tactical genius by any means despite having a good...
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    Sporting CP or AZ alkmaar?

    Would really appreciate the feedback as im in two minds about who to start a save with.Either way it will be a save focused on youth and will be only signing staff from the nation the club is situated in and hopefully a few club icons will join too.Look forward to a few suggestions and im open...
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    state of fm19 after 19.3 march update?

    Hi guys/girls,i have delayed getting fm19 until now and was wondering what the overall thoughts are regarding the game after 19.3 update?Should i be upgrading from fm18 or stick with it?feedback would be really appreciated thanks
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    zakaria bakkali v santi mina

    Hi all,so im preparing to sell either bakkali or mina for financial reasons but i cant decide which one to let go.Has anyone had these players,which one tends to turn out better.Oh and i use demolisher strikerless v17 so they play in AMC position.Thanks
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    Free kick specialists?

    Just wondering who you guys have found to be the best free kick specialists for 17.For me it has been dani parejo,in my first season with valencia he has scored at least six or seven free kicks from 30 yards..
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    Hi guys im having issues launching fm17 steam.Im using a lenovo ideapad 100s which i know is not ideal but my old laptop has died,fm17 touch is working fine so would be most grateful to know if the full game will work>what am i missing?Thanks
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    Hi guys,i need a little advice on how best to go about creating a winning tactic.I am trying to create a 4231 or 4321 but am undecided as to which team to use as we all know that creating a winning tactic for say barca or bayern isnt going to give indications as to how good it would work with a...
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    Is fm17 SIGNIFICANTLY 'BETTER' than fm16

    really appreciate thoughts and opinions.thanks
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    sorry if this has been posted already Football Manager 2017 footage first look here after Watford v Manchester United woes | Hertfordshire Mercury
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    jack barmby

    Im in first season with las palmas and have the option to sign jack barmby on a free,does anyone have any experience of using him?
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    Anyone know what happened to the tactical maestro jassar?his tactics helped me through numerous times but havent seen him post for a long time?
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    England player ratings fm17

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about the fallout frrom euro 2016,do the england players involved deserve a ratings decrease whether it be actual ability or mental stats?So often we see england winning tournaments on fm but in truth england are very,very average.I mean,was it all woys fault??
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    Reece oxford?

    Ive started my final fm16 save with bournemouth and am looking for young british talent.Reece oxford is willing to join but have never signed him before so was wondering if anyone has experience of his development?Should i sign him?
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    Man utd development

    Has anyone developed rashford,gribbin,fosu-mensah,lingard etc to realise their potential?.every save i see rashford make a couple of appearances in three seasons which must surely cripple his progress
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    Ok so i must admit that i have stuck with tff tactics this time around and with great success.However,i realise there are other great tactics out there also so my question is what is the better tactic out of these two?yes i know it will work different according to the team but in general,which...
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    Hi guys,ive cracked how to find screenshots but once ive found what i want i dont know how to upload and paste the image.really appreciate any help
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    Final fm16 save

    Hi guys,im about to start my final save in this years game so am gonna ask,who should i choose?hoping to start new save tonight so the options are as follows: Brighton Southend Northampton Cambridge
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    Aubamyang upgrade???

    Hi,im about to upgrade aubamayangs attributes slightly to better reflect his current ability and was wondering what stats other than finishing i should tinker with slightly.Im not wanting to overpower him,just make it more realistic