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    graphics card update for laptop

    sorted it now......... mods can close this thread.............. thanks for all help
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    can anyone help me on how to figure out fabio capellos style of play

    i'm messing around trying to recreate capello's style of play on FM 2010, but i'm just a bit miffed on how to create his tactics. i know he likes to keep the ball and not to waste it but then again what manager would wanna waste the ball. all i wanna know is; what's his philosophy? what his...
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    is there a patch going to be released for FM2010 after the january transfer window?

    just wondering since i can remember there being one released for FM09 with fix's for bugs and club updates...... so does anyone have any info?
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    so how is FM2010?

    gonna pick this up tommorrow but has it got any annoying glitches or bugs i should be aware of? and does it still have that 2D match engine? BTW whats Sunderland's transfer budget?
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    Jeremy kyle king of the gypsys

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    modern warfare 2 price rise

    YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. something i stubbled across..... thought id share with you peeps............... do you think they'll really sell the game at £54.99?
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    OP file for pes 2009, xbox 360

    hello peeps.......... im trying to find a option file for pro evolution soccer 2009 for EPL logo's, badges, kits etc etc...... on the xbox 360 ive looked about and i can't find a download link that works... so if anyone comes across or knows where i can get one, let me know cheers!!!:)
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    help on successfully defending deep

    i can never seem to be able to successfully defend deep (not to deep) with a defensive formation and then hit teams on the counter and score... i would like to though since when im a team like aston villa away to liverpool i want to be able to get a sneaky win.......... so can anyone give me any...
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    David Beckham

    has anyone signed him??? is he any good??? ive just looked at his stats and there not bad.... except for his pace accerlation and his age might put in a cheeky 5mill bid in and see what happens (im Man City BTW) anyway whats your thoughts????
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    European super league

    ok, so listening to talksport on the radio Ian Wright (legend) and Adrian Durham (numpty) were talking about this new league that MIGHT be formed called the European super league. the top teams of europe will be entered. the teams from england that will be entered are; the top 4 (man utd...
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    should i play with width.....

    should i play with width away from home???? im AC Milan and im unsure if i should risk playing with width away from home because im top of serie A and dont really wanna lose games but then again who does. cheers for the advice sorry if there is a thread already on this or similar but i...
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    ****** man utd

    does anyone one no a tactic for my arsenal team on how to beat united?? i always draw 2-2 or scrap a 1nil win..... anyone got any ideas on what i should do???
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    Some more help for a Newb

    areet im just wondering if anyone could give me some advice how to get consistent results with championship teams. because ive become a really hard team to beat with premier league teams but when i use similar tactics with teams like: reading, wolves, cardiff city etc i concede early goals and...
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    Cardiff City advice

    just want some advice really, dont really watch much championship games so dont know how i should play. defensive or attacking. dont need a tactic because im gunna play a 4-4-2. dont need signing neither cuz im gunna sign appiah. AND IVE ONLY GOT 750K (what a disgrace lol just messin) but i...
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    Hardest team to manage

    for me it has to be liverpool if im honest you?
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    i want my team to play like Swansea City

    i just seen the cup tie between swansea city and fulham and i nearly **** the bed because of how good they play.(since i dont watch much of the championship since my team is in the prem) so how would i play like that on FM 09 attacking, quick tempo, short passing, plenty of width or with a...
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    how do i............

    get the other teams strikers to use there weaker foot becasue my assistant says something like "it would do our chances better if we shove drogba onto his weaker foot" and im like how the **** do i that do i just man mark him and just use hard tackling??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    can anyone tell me.....

    where i can get the turkish and russian club badges because i cant find em anywhere so if anyone has a link please leave it on here for me cheers (i never knew where to put this thread so i just dumped it here)
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    how do i get my..........

    wide players like luka modric, david bentley to track back and help the full backs out?? do i just place arrows going backwards????? just somethink thats got me bamboozled lol cheers for the help
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    i want to retrain pato but...........

    i want to retrain pato into a AM C but i dont know how to so could someone plz tell me how to do it cheers or cant you do that on fm09