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    Leyton Orient

    I have played 3 seasons with Leyton Orient, and have reach 3 stragiht promotions. So in 3 years I have manged them from National Leauge to The Championship. I dont have money but I have to strengen my squad on probably every position. Anyone have a good recomendation?
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    Leauge 2

    Hi, I gonna start a save with a Leauge 2 team, can anyone help me with a Good tactic?
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    Promoted to Bundesliga

    I have won promotion with Union Berlin to Bundesliga, I looking for cheap players my budget are small. Or for players with contract expiery.
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    I have just start a new save with Union Berlin i 2 Bundesliga. I have a very small transferbudget just 280 000£, i want to sign a striker. Anyone here have a reccomendation?
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    Derby 2nd season

    I gonna start the second season with Derby and I need a good Central Defender and a Good young central midfielder. I have around 10 million £ left to spend. Have anyone tried to buy Jamie Allen for Rochdale? Can he be a good cheap buy? Just costs around 1 million £ I have alreade bohugt this...