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    "Der Raumdeuter" - pep guardiola philosophy/style at Bayern Munchen tactic.

    Firstly let me start by introducing myself a little bit, iv been playing FM since the days of CM and since the age of around 14/15 and im now 29! I wanted to try and start something this year by uploading my tactics and then see where this takes me maybe into doing a FM youtube career channel...
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    The Danubian School of Football

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/thed...tball/?fref=ts facebook group iv created to purely discuess tactics/shape/roles of players and so on if anybody is interested and has fb join the group!
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    help with a FM name/heading/banner to use to put out content.

    I fancy creating some sort of a FM following guys, maybe not so much recorded videos but maybe something to put out tactics and opinions etc aswell as more general football reviews of new tactics i see going on etc, any idea of a name i could use you know a bit of a banner/heading?
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    NUU Rebooted - when?

    When will it be out for FM15 anybody???