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    Instant Result Skin

    has anyone found a Instant Result skin yet? :$
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    FM Beta

    hello everyone, is it still possible to play the beta if you buy Football Manager 2017 right now? I'm from the Netherlands
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    No transfers in a competition

    hello everyone, i want to create a competition where teams can't transfer players into the club but they also can't sell players, is this possible with the editor? greetz bashuijsmans
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    an interactive story

    hello everyone, i have been thinking about starting my own story, but not a normal story, but an interactive one. I am following the story of Nomadic en previous the story of Weiry, but i couldn't compete in those, cause i was too late with signing up. :S:S Now am i struggling with an original...
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    Player restrictions

    Does anyone know all the teams with special player restrictions? Like Athletic with only Basque players, Guadalajara with only Mexican players, but are there more teams with this kind of restrictions?
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    online game

    hello, is someone upto a online game with a few people. My idea is to start a game in a country with a max of 14 teams in the competition. So we can limit the number of computer teams and make a competition with as many as possible real managers. who is interested?