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    Everton, first season.

    AML - Fati from Barcelona
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    Everton, first season.

    amr - Antony CM - Moriba
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    Team Instructions

    It seems the team instruction presets that were in FM18 are gone. Not sure I like this. Or am I missing something??
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    Share Your Amazing Regens

    HAving a stormer with Everton, thanks to snapping up some biblical regens. Taking advantage of the release clauses in S.America.
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    Randomly Enters Replay Mode in Match

    Anyone else have this issue? All of a sudden I glance at the match and it has gone into replay mode, for no reason, not showing a goal or anything. Anyone know how to fix?
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    Team Talks, Indiviual team talks

    Seems so long winded, where FM17 you could do the team and then def, mid, att talks in a few clicks, it seems to now take 3 times as long. Hope they change this back.
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    How Do you add a new scouting assignment???

    Can't work it out, am I missing something?
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    Inserting Logos and FacePaacks

    The file layour doesn't seem the same. Where Do I move my FM graphics folder to in order to have FM18 graphics installed?
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    Return Of The Legends

    Is there the legends update for the fm2017 yet? I;ve never used it and it looks amazing!
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    Signed some young American hot prospect and have somehow managed to pay him 250,000 a week on a 5 year deal. Long shot but any escape from this?
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    In Game MAtch Ratings Drop Down - Substitues Don't Show

    Small glitch I hope they sort out. When you bring someone on as a substitute, their match rating doesn't show on the drop down. It still shows the player that you take off. A quick fix is to click onto any player profile and then return to the match. Slightly annoying.
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    Defending Tips

    Any tips on defending? Everton, I have Horn in goal, BAines, Coleman, Khacheridi, Papastathopoulos as defenders, Diawara as a BWM Control tactic (All 3.5-4* players in roles to their strengths) I seem to either draw 3-3, win 4-3, or lose 3-2 Has anyone got any tips?
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    Same Bug!! Still conceding ridiculous amount of goals from crosses

    Well it seems the bug from FM2016 is still here, I'm conceding 3-4 goals a game from crosses to an unmarked player. Just lost 7-2 to Crystal PAlace, and 6-3 to West Ham with Everton and every goal conceded was identical. They've had a year to fix it! Appalling
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    Christian Pulisic

    IS there a face for him anywhere?
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    Return Of The Legends

    Maybe a bit early but is the legends add on ready for FM2017 yet?
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    the mtch play graphics seem VERY shakey, much worse than all previous FM games (back to 2010) Any tips for making it slicker and smoother? I particularly find it difficult to tell the direction of the ball after a ahot at goal!! Any help much appreciated
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    Change Squad U18>U21>Senior?

    How do you change a player from U21/U18 to Senior?? Sorry I cannot see how!
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    How Do You Search For New Staff?

    Can't work out how to search for new staff, scouts, coaches etc... please help!
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    Leagues Missing at Start up!

    During start up where you choose the countries and leagues, there are several which are greyed out with a small yellow warnign triangle. It will not allow me to choose Italy, England, Spain and a few more... What is this problem and how is it fixed? Anyone else had this issue? Cheers
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    Unlockables : No Work Permits : How Do I Install???

    I purchased teh 'no work permits' unlockable from the store, but how do I install it? I'm still unable to sign some players due to work permits. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance