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    The FM-Base United FC - Where stories are born

    Hello and welcome to the story where you make the headlines, score the goals and make those last minute tackels to bring the club back to the Base. This story will be made of players made int he database who represent you - yes you! I want to bring us all on a journey together so we can laugh...
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    Liverpool FC: The 5 Year Plan

    Liverpool FC. Career Statistics 2017/18 TBC 2018/19 TBC 2019/20 TBC 2020/21 TBC 2021/22 TBC
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    FM 2018 18.0.3 Update OUT NOW!

    Beta Changelist 18.0.3 Stability and Tech - Further stability fixes - Improvements to slowdown and lag found in game - In-match sounds now play across entire match and in commentary only mode - Removal of incorrect Hz setting within display preferences Graphics and UI - Fixes to Retina Mac -...
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    FM18 BETA: 18.0.2 Hotfix

    We're pleased to announce the release of update 18.0.2 for the Football Manager 2018 Early Access Beta. You will need to quit out of Football Manager and restart Steam in order to download and install the update. The update includes the following changes: - Stability fixes - Added new preference...
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    MLS - Atlanta United. BETA Story

    With the 2017 MLS season due to start, this season sees the league expand with two new franchises joining Major League Soccer in the United States. In the Southeast lies a sleeping giant, set to mark it's first year in the competition but it's ambitions are somewhat bigger than their lack of...
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    FM18 BETA is live

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    A Tactical Tip.

    I stumbled across this and felt it needed to be shared. Source: MODERN SOCCER FORMATION: 4-2-3-1
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    Liverpool FC: You'll Never Walk Alone

    Think I've found the time to get back to a story. My last venture was cut shot by work getting crazy again :P I'm gearing up to go back to college so I have my summer free. Time for a Liverpool save and get back to what i do best - Turn Liverpool into what I always know they can be. I'm...
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    Player role suitability

    How important is the players suitability to play in a given role? Like, If I pop a guy into DCM and he's not not suitable for the role but hes's got he attributes to pull off the job well, does that have much of an impact? If it does, what kind of impact does it have on him?
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    There and Back again; A Manager's story.

    Welcome dear friends. I've been gone for quite awhile. Work became crazy and I couldn't update or post anything here for the longest of time. But anyway, I'm back now to enjoy a long term journeyman save and what better place to enjoy it than with a community I know and love. Glad to be back...
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    BETA Story: Wellington Phoenix

    Hey all. With FM17s early access, I like to venture out into the world and manage teams I'm not often familiar with. I've never been to Australia (still haven't been managing this team :P ) so I decided to fire up the A-League and get stuck into BETA testing. And well, I've found the stories...
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    WORST FM EVER!!!!!!!

    So I'm sat here staring at steam and FM hasn't magically bought itself or installed itself so naturally I can only blame this new Match Engine for being so unrealistic. I'm used to the game being already installed and all I have to do is click 'play' but this year, it says 'purchase' which is...
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    Sunderland A.F.C. - Hometown Heroes

    In the North of England, football is more than just a game. Pride and Passion is the local currency in this beautiful game. With a local rivalry burning as strong as any in the country, this football clubs is poised to make it's mark int he English game. History The Black Cats are enjoying...
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    I got your back

    Background: I work as an I.T. Technician. I fix laptops, tablets, phones, ect. So today at work, I was working on a guys laptop. He didn't want a backup or an image of the Hard Disk done. Just a fresh install of windows to clean up registry files, ect. Out of habit I looked through his My...
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    Javier Gonzales Mendez

    "Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that." - Bill Shankly
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    Catalan Pride

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    The Academy

    I love youth Development. It's a huge part of why I play Football Manager. While I'm hard at work making updates for Liverpool: the 5 Year Plan, I decided to give myself another save with 0% responsibility; it purely exists as a youth development save. I decided to write a story about this...
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    League of Ireland - Level 6

    "Loilogo09" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Loilogo09.JPG#/media/File:Loilogo09.JPG League Of Ireland Level 6 - Winter League .FMF at the bottom of post. So I've been hard at work redesigning the Irish League and moving it to a Winter...
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    FM16 Downloads thread

    Has the FM16 downloads thread been made yet? I'm testing a Celtic League (Scotland, Ireland, N.Ireland and Wales) right now and I want to upload it once I've it tested.