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    How do you know whether a player is a wonderkid??

    Theres no label or anything?
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    Player not wanting to renew contract!

    Previously, i refused to allow my player Ben Davies to hold talk with liverpool which got him angry. Then i promised him i will qualify for Euro Cup by next season and since then he did not want any contract talk with me and theres only half a year left to his contract. He also do not wish to...
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    Unable to renew contract due to slight concern

    2 of my players got angry for me not allowing them to hold talks with bigger clubs and i promised them that i will aim to qualify for euro cup. Now they are in slight concern and will not talk to me until i meet the promise. They have contract which left only a year and they are not into...
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    how do i make created team have no players in it?

    how do i remove all the players and staffs in it? i cleared it in the editor but it stills showed up in my game.
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    How to find trequartisa regens?

    I can't seems to find trequartista striker regens, most of them are poachers.
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    Villarreal left and right back

    At 2013/2014 season Need a experienced and good( good current ability not just good potential ability ) left and right back I only have a budget of 6million . Help please :S:(
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    Good U18 in youth team or first team?

    My youth facilities are not good so should i put those who have high potential in my first team and let them have good training or put them in the youth team?
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    No club wants me :(

    Help .. I start the save as middlesbrough and got fired in the second season. I applied and declared interest in many clubs including the npower league 1 clubs and no club wants me as their manager.. Do i have to start a new game? ( I hope not ) .. Or is there another solution?
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    How to manage Japan National team?

    Anyone know how??
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    How to get manchester city to earn profit?

    How to get Manchester City to earn profit every month?
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    How do i watch other team's match?

    I want to watch scotland vs england in my fm but how do i watch it?
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    Retraining my player...

    Is it possible to retrain a player that is Ineffectual at that area? For example retraining Javier Pastore to AMR or AML.
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    Does transfer budget from last season counted into this season?

    I am currently managing Man City and was on the 3rd season. I saved about 50m++(drag finish) and now my season had finished and i was only given 110m(drag finish). My club was not in any debt and there was profits earned. So i am wondering if the transfer budget from last season is counted into...
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    What is cup tied?

    Can anyone tell me what is cup tied?
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    FM11- Unhappy player

    I am managing Man City and Balotelli is unhappy about me giving him a 2 weeks fine due to a 6 minutes red card. Now he is angry with me and i could not even talk to him anymore. What should i do to make him happy?