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    FromParisWithLove (paris v2 from the creator of date 442)

    I have created this thread for the paris v2 tactic which was shared by mosesho on the date 442 thread and has been created by the same guy who created the date 442 (on the Chinese forum) so credit to him or her. I have tested it with very good results on my tactic testing thread here...
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    League of Managers (Tactic Testing Thread)

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/4x2cx0xdmeqe6e3/League+of+Managers.fm Key Features 10 Identical teams consisting of 35 players and all relevant staff. 9 of the teams will be managed by 9 of the best AI managers on the game, Tactic Testing FC will be managed by me. None of the 10 managers...
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    Tactic Testing (Combined Leaderboard)

    TACTIC TEST PLD FOR AGG GD PTS AGPG ACPG APPG Annihilator v7 Lazovich 132 322 178 144 267 2.44 1.35 2.02 TRIBUTE TO FERENC PUSKAS v2 Lucho (145) 90 211 109 102 182 2.34 1.21 2.02 Annihilator v5 for Instant Result (with OI's) Lucho (145) 90 208 100 108 180 2.31 1.11 2.00 Annihilator v5...
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    Holiday Mode Verses Instant Result Verses Simulated Result Verses Playing the Game.

    In this thread I will test the same tactic with the same team using the following 4 ways of playing: Holiday Mode: I will load up the tactic to all 3 slots and then go on holiday for the season ticking the always use selected tactic option. Instant Result: I will play using an Instant Result...
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    JABDEF very solid 4-2-4 tactic

    This tactic was created by retsinnab69 and has performed very well in my tactic testing league: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-16-tactics/352418-tactic-premier-league-16-2-testers-welcome-27.html see post 269 for results. I get asked alot of questions about where to find it...
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    Tactic Premier League 16.2 (Testers Welcome)

    I have created a database to test tactics featuring 15 premier league clubs and the testing team England made up 45 english players. The clubs will play each other 4 times (60 games) The Media prediction for England is 6th place. All 45 players in the England team have had PPM's removed. All...
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    Tactic Testing League

    I will be testing some of the most popular tactics on here using a custom database that I have created featuring a 26 team premier league (50 games). I will be playing as my club Leicester (PS We Are Top of the League) who have got a media prediction of 15th place. All teams are under transfer...
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    The Default Tactic Testing Thread

    In this thread I will test the 56 default tactics in FM15 using a custom database consisting on completely equal teams. I have split the tactics into 4 groups of 14 tactics with the top 4 from each round qualifying for the final round. I will test each group 4 times and add the results...
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    Tactic Testing FC - European Super League V3

    In this thread I will test the most popular custom tactics using a custom database that I have consisting of 26 teams (50 games). I will take charge of Tactic Testing FC which is made up of 32 players from teams not competing in the European Super League. My Assistant Manager (200 CA) will be...
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    Custom Tactic Shoot-Out.

    In this thread I will test the most popular custom tactics using a custom database that I have consisting of 16 teams (60 games) completely equal teams. I have assigned a team to 16 of the best performing tactics from my previous tests. My Assistant Manager will be in charge of all team talks...
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    Tactic Testing - Old Leaderboards

    Results from my Leicester/Arsenal Premier League Test TACTIC AUTHOR TEAM Pld Won Drn Lst For Ag G. D H.Pts A.Pts T.Pts G.F.C Bad Possession v1.2 pl3rious Arsenal 50 39 5 6 158 56 102 71 51 122 39 4-3-3 (Goal Machine) seeursaw Arsenal 50 38 4 8 147 58 89 64 54 118 19 Mr Langvatn 4-2-4...
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    Tactic Testing - European Super League

    In this thread I will test 6 custom tactics at a time against 20 of the best teams in Europe in a custom database that I have created. The 6 teams I have created are identical in every way and consist of: 3 x GK (140 CA) 3 x RB/RWB (140 CA) 3 x LB/LWB (140 CA) 6 x SW/CB (140 CA) 6 x DM/CM...
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    FLAIR LOOPS - treble with Leicester 1st season.

    I will let the screenshots do the talking Use the OI's provided.
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    500 Team English Premier League

    Steam Workshop :: 500 Team English Premier League 500 Teams split into 20 groups of 25 teams playing each other twice (48 games), the top team from each league then qualifies for the championship playoff where each team plays each other twice (38 games). No transfer windows No squad rules £3m...
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    How Important are Opposition Instructions?

    I am going to do a quick test before I re-launch my tactic testing thread, I will test the same tactic twice, once with my 200 rated Current Ability Assistant Manager setting the OI's and once with me setting the author of the tactics OI's manually.
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    FM15 Tactic Testing League

    In this thread I will test tactics using a custom database I have created which contains 8 teams made up of players from the best 8 leagues in world football, I will be managing the English Premier League team and my assistant manager will be in charge of all team-talks, team selections...
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    FM-BASE £800.000.000 Challenge

    Take charge of the newly formed FM-Base team and use the £800m provided to lead the team to premier league glory. Download file here: FM-Base £800m Challenge - Downloads - Football Manager 2014 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats please post tour progress in here:
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    The Director of Football Challenge.

    Take charge of your chosen team and put your Director of Football in charge of all staff and player recruitment (see screenshot). Rules: you may hire and fire your own Director of Football if you want too. you must not hire any other staff though, they must all be recruited by your Director...
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    The Tactic World Cup

    I will take the 18 most successful tactics from my thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/163855-21st-century-legends-tactic-testing-league-back-popular-demand.html They will compete against each other in a Tactic based world cup consisting of 3 groups of 6 teams...
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    21st Century Legends Challenge

    Take control of the newly formed 21st Century Legends FC who have replaced Cardiff in the premier league, their team consists of 30 legends from the 21st century recreated as 18 year old wonderkids. You will not be able to sign any players but you will be able to hire staff. I may add a...