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    New tactic : 2-3-4-1 Is this possible

    Hi All, I want to try a new tactic but before I do this I want some feedback if this tactic is possible to succeed. I want use a system 2-3-4-1 or maybe 3-2-4-1 where I use to following positions: GK , CB, CB, WBL, DM, WBR, AML, AMC, AMC, AMR, ST. The main problem I see is the big gap...
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    What challenge to do now?

    Hi all, I am a frequent reader of this forum and fan of the football manager game for years. I have started some challenges of this forum or another forums and like to start an new one. I already started the challenge I know by the name A to Z or Alfabet challenge. You start unemployed in...
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    World Super Hero

    World Super Hero The goal is to become Hero in the following countries: Brazil England France Italy Scotland Spain Start Unemployed with Sunday league repution Load the league(s) you want to start with in normal or classic mode if you like Try to get a job in the lowest leagues...
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    Training compensation

    Is there already a thread for this or does anyone know this already. I didn't play a save long enough to get known with this but I saw once in a while a message that a club received a part of the transfer fee for training a young player. Does anybody know how this works and if it would be...
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    European Traveler Challenge

    In FM2013 I want to repeat (and this time finish) my European Traveler Challenge. Before I start this challenge I need some preparation to do. I want to travel across the countries of Europe. First off all I activate the inactive leagues with FM2013 editor. I have to admit I don’t know all the...
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    e-sim - Free MMOG browser game I like this game a lot. You choose a country you support and you choose a carreer. Every day you can do some action online and fight, work and train for your country. Later in the game you become stronger and richer. Try to become lvl 7 as fast as possible to get...
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    Request a new stadium thread (FM 2011)

    Found this link for FM2011 on the forum and its about a new stadium. I think it's helpfull for FM2012 too. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/fm-2011-general-discussion/96429-request-new-stadium-succesfully-football-manager-2011-a.html
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    Help needed : New defensive fast counter attack tactiic

    I am a fan of the Barcelona/Ajax (I am Dutch) style of attacking football with a lot of possession and a lot of CCC, but I can also enjoy watching to good played counter football. I didn't create a lot of tactics, so I am quite new to this. I want to create a defensive tactic with fast counter...
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    Help needed with second season English League System Tier 14

    Hello all, I am using an edited database with the English league System till Tier 14. I have made Tier 10 playable and the first season runs very smooth until 22nd of June. Than the game freezes and I get a message in Windows that there was a problem with FM2012 and it is closed and restarted...
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    Help needed with second season English League System Tier 14

    Replaced to technical section. Please delete
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    How to obtain a full pro status (Faroer Islands)

    I looked for this on the forum but couldn't find any. I want to know if its possible to get a full pro status with my semi pro club HB from the Faroer Islands. I managed to increase the income from 300k to over 600k and my wage budget from 250k to 480k a year. Now I am reducing my wage bill to...
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    Tunesia : Under 21's

    I am starting to do a Pentagon challenge (or a world tour at least) and my first job is offered in Tunesia in the second league. One rule is that there need to be at least 3 21's in my starting line up, but I don't have any young players in my squad. Does this mean I need to buy lets say 6 (not...
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    Assistant Manager keeps bugging me

    Why does my assistant manager ask daily to discuss the game preparations for the next day. He says that I can decide what to do like I want to do, but that it's also possible to let hem do the match preparations. I don't want him too, but I don't know how I can ask him to shut up? Never had this...
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    Intrest income

    I thinks its obvious that you get more intrest from your wage budget compared to the transfer budget. In RL it must be the same. You know when you have to pay the wages each month and you can put the surplus on a bank deposit for several months to earn more intrest. The transfer budget can be...
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    Is scoring a lot of corners an exploit?

    Is a tactic where you score a lot of goals from corners an exploit or a good tactic? I RL soccer there are also teams that score a lot from corners and freekicks. At what point is scoring a lot from corners an exploit?
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    Wilfried Boni (Vitesse)

    Bought him with Ajax for 2,9 M (limited signing fee) and he scored over 20 goals in the first 20 games. I want to rotate with Sigthorsson and El Hamdoui but the other two didn't get chances since he keeps scoring and is very soon fully fit again. Great player I would recommend for top clubs...
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    Cannot accept New Players signing

    I have bought Wilfired Boni from Vitesse and he accepted my contract offer. That's the good part. Now something happened. The message to accept the signing (you know when you get the message accept, delay or deny) was on the same time with over 250 messages of players that are getting a new...
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    AFC Ajax - looking for a GK - LB - LVA - RVA

    Hello, I am starting a new game taking over Ajax and have a transfer budget of € 16 million (12-13 Million Pound) and looking for new players on 4 positions. Anyone has a good Idea for a Left winger and a Right winger for this budget. I also need a Leftback and a good goalkeeper, but I can...
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    Savegame at the start of the game

    Never mind. Found one already.
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    AC Milan - Making the team younger and bring them back at to the top of Europe

    Tonight I wanna start a game with AC Milan to give it a try to make the team a lot younger and still stay at the top of Italy and bring them back to the top of Europe. Gonna play with 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation or 4 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 1 both with inside wingers. Think my base team will be: GK Not...